Wedding Supplier Let You Down?

bride let downThere are more than enough wedding horror stories being told and when planning your own wedding the last thing you want to hear is what went wrong on such a special day and how it ruined it all.

Picking wedding suppliers can sometimes be quite daunting and mind boggling and with so many companies offering different packages, budgets and special deals it is enough to make you think about eloping!

When deciding which supplier you are going to choose for your wedding day you should check and double check all and everything and leave no stone unturned before you sign on the dotted line.

The more precautions you take the less likely you are to be let down, and if you do find yourself in this situation, preparation can minimise the damage and inconvenience.

Some Suggestions are:

  • A detailed record of payments with receipts of all your wedding supplies can show you at a glance what you have and have not paid for.
  • Ask them to send you a letter to confirm your booking.
  • Ask to see examples of their work as well as references.
  • Book your chosen supplier as soon as you feel comfortable and secure with them.
  • Double check if there are any hidden clauses.
  • Find out if you can contact anybody that may have used them and ask how reliable they were.
  • It's always lovely to have members of the family or close friends to make things for you but you should still double check with them that all is going to plan.
  • Keep any and all email and written correspondence between you and a supplier.
  • Read the supplier's Terms and Conditions and any small print before signing.
  • Research the wedding supplier online and look for any feedback and/or comments they have on their webpage.
  • Ring them up a couple of weeks later to reconfirm that they have the correct information and booking details.
  • Contact them again a few weeks before your wedding to double check all is in hand. ( Remember this is your special day and you should not be shy or feel awkward to double check as often as you want with your wedding suppliers!)

Supplier Telephone Numbers on Speed Dial!

So, you have done your research and have their telephone number on speed dial and everything is fitting into place as you get closer to your wedding day but then disaster strikes when you least expect it and out of the blue you are let down by one of your wedding suppliers.

What to do next is the all important question and it really depends on how far in advance they have let you down and you end up rushing around like a character out of the Super Mario video game, not knowing if you have come or gone, or been and went.

With some good side stepping planning and help from family and friends, hopefully your problem will be solved and your wedding day can carry on with some slight changes that won't be noticed.

Of course you are going to be angry and frustrated that you were let down by a supplier who should know your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life! After all, they are in the wedding business and have taken your hard earned money that you may have saved years for and it is only right and proper that you should seek to be compensated.

Too many Brides have been let down in the past by bridal shops closing their doors without contacting them that their dream dress is no longer available to them or a photographer has taken the wedding photographs but does not deliver them even though he has been given full payment for their services and these are typical examples of one good reason why you should remain in close contact with your wedding suppliers.

Backup Wedding Suppliers

another angry brideIt may be a good idea to have a 'back up' list of other suppliers you looked into while making your choices. You never know if one of them may be able to help you out at a moments' notice if you are suddenly let down.

What Action to Take: (Please note the following should not be classed set in stone and you should seek legal advice by a professional if needed)

  • The first step would be to approach the supplier to see if the issue can be resolved between you with a satisfactory outcome.
  • Put everything in writing in a clear and rational manner why you are unhappy with the service you booked and paid them for.
  • Find out if your wedding insurance covers your for whatever reason the supplier has let you down or got it wrong.
  • If you make contact with them, try and keep a note of all the points discussed.
  • Take a mediator with you to any meetings you have. Ideally it should be somebody who will remain objective and calm.
  • If you are unable to contact the supplier or you still feel grievance after meeting with them, the next step would be to explain to them that you will be taking legal advice and may proceed through the small claims court.
  • Seek help from your local Citizens Advice Bureau.
  • Check out the Government's recommendations online.

Last but not least it must be said that the vast majority of wedding suppliers do a truly remarkable job and so many are happy to go out of their way to get things perfect in just the way you want and planned it. It is just a shame that the one bad apple in the barrel gives couples who are planning their wedding day that little bit of doubt!