Getting into Shape for your Wedding

bride and groom keep fitAs the bride and groom, you both want to feel good on the actual day of your wedding and in order for this to happen; you need to start thinking about what you are eating and your exercise regime in the build up during the weeks before the big day.

You should consider carefully what you are eating and take some advice from our Wedding Day Diet.  Here you can find plenty of helpful advice about what sort of foods will make you feel good and what to avoid. 

The bride will be dreaming about her entrance into the Church, with all eyes on her and the soft murmurs spreading around the pews about how wonderful she looks in her dress.  In her head though she might be thinking that they are commenting that her bum looks too big or that she should have lost a few pounds before squeezing into such a tight dress but this is all in her imagination and probably down to nerves. 

The groom, just like the bride, will want everyone talking about how handsome they look in their wedding outfit and if people comment on how great he looks that is sure to bring a smile to his face.

Getting Started

As well as your food intake, anyone wanting to get into shape for their wedding day should also consider the following:

  • Eating Correctly: think about the foods you are consuming and whether you can introduce more nutrition into your diet.  Is there a particular fatty food that you love that you can cut down on or even cut out for a period of time?  It will taste so much nicer if you haven't had it for a few weeks.
  • Exercise: if you are thinking about going to the gym, why not hire a personal trainer if you can afford to do so and let them help you work on your problem areas.  If you decide that you just want to be a bit more active throughout the day then why not walk to the furthest bus stop, take the stairs or even cycle to work?
  • Toning: if you don't feel the need to lose any weight and you just want to tone up the odd wobbly bit here and there, why not start some gentle weight resistance training?
  • Weight Loss: if you decide that you want to lose some weight, set yourself a realistic goal with an average loss of between one and two pounds each week.

Getting into Shape Tips

  • Don't be sucked into any 'fix it quick' adverts.  Many people and websites claim to change your body in a short period of time but if you are serious about getting in shape the best way to do this is to start early and do it sensibly, this will ensure that not only will you feel great but any weight loss or fitness level you achieve will be maintained.
  • Don't focus on your weight but on how you feel and look in the dress.  Ignore the scales and go by the tightness of your jeans.
  • Drink plenty of water every day.
  • Eating the wrong foods, or skipping meals completely in an effort to fit into your clothes, could be more devastating than the dress being too tight.  You could become weak and as a result your skin and hair could suffer and you could begin to look very unhealthy in your appearance.
  • For motivation, pin up a picture that you consider to be a bad picture of you to spur you on.  It might prove useful if you keep the picture on the fridge so every time you feel like reaching for that chocolate the picture will be staring back at you.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to start your new healthy routine, there is no point in starting a week before your wedding day.
  • Go to the gym together.
  • Pick exercises that you enjoy as you will want to continue with it for longer.
  • Plan your changes sensibly and perhaps you could even keep a food diary.
  • Take one day at a time and don't berate yourself too much if you fall off the wagon by eating a chocolate bar, just get right back up and take a trip to the gym.
  • Track your weight loss and fitness together but try not to make it into a competition.
  • Try not to stress yourself out too much; you already have enough to deal with.
  • Try to cut down on your alcohol intake.
  • Why not begin dancing lessons?  Not only will this be a great form of exercise but it will certainly help with the first dance routine.

By setting up a regular exercise routine whether it is running, cycling or visiting the gym three times a week you are definitely on your way to becoming fitter and sleeker.

Remember that it will not be easy to change your normal routine but it will definitely be worth it at the end.  Try to enjoy all the changes and the new exercises you are participating in, who knows, you might just enjoy it so much it will be something you continue doing long after the wedding is over.

It is a momentous day for the both of you and of course you want to feel great.  By getting in shape you will ensure that you feel happy and most definitely confident on your big day!