Wedding Day Gifts For Your Partner

wedding gift

This tradition may come as a bit of a shock to some bride and grooms, 'what, along with everything else to organise, I have to think of a gift for my partner to open on the wedding day?' 

Hopefully brides and grooms will hear about it before the eleventh hour - otherwise imagine a groom having a gift to open from his bride but the bride having nothing in return from her groom! (That is certainly not going to set the scene for a perfect day is it?)

Traditionally the groom would purchase his bride a piece of jewellery, something that she might wear on her wedding day such as a pearl necklace, diamond earrings, bracelet or a matching jewellery set of necklace, earrings and bracelet.  The bride would usually present her groom with a watch to wear on the wedding day, with a personal engraving of a message of love or just their names and date of marriage.  These gifts were both in celebration and to commemorate their special day and were also classed as heirlooms to pass down to their future children.

The wedding gifts between the bride and groom should be symbolic of their love and commitment, something personal and meaningful to them.  The gifts don't need to be expensive, just as long as they are from the heart.  The bride may not be expecting a large show of emotion or an expensive gift, but on the other hand, if she has been hinting about a certain pair of diamond earrings that would 'not only match her wedding outfit, but most outfits she has in her closet, thus proving to be very cost effective!' but on the day opens up a gift voucher.. groom beware!

When to Exchange Wedding Gifts

Some couples exchange gifts to each other prior to the wedding ceremony, such as at the rehearsal dinner; while others may choose to present their gifts by way of messenger on the wedding morning (avoiding breaking the tradition of seeing each other prior to the ceremony of course).  Some couples decide to make the gift exchange part of the celebrations and exchange them during speeches, giving another opportunity to express just how much they mean to each other in front of their guests, and some couples prefer it to be a private moment, once they are man and wife, alone, away from everyone, making it a very special and intimate moment.

Traditional Wedding Gift Ideas

Here are a few suggestions for more traditionally gifts you can give to your partner.

pearl necklaceGift For the Bride

  • A classic pearl necklace
  • A locket with personal engraving on the back
  • A necklace or brooch
  • Pearl earrings
  • A bottle of expensive perfume

Gift For the Groom

  • A watch (pocket or wrist) with a personal engraving on the back
  • An engraved money clip
  • Cufflinks
  • A monogrammed handkerchief
  • Engraved silver picture frame

These traditional gifts may seem a little old fashioned nowadays and couples are opting for more gifts which are more personalised, individual and modern. Budget also plays a factor in decided how extravagant, or not, the gifts are.

Extra Special and Meaningful Wedding Gifts

Whether you are on a budget, or the sky's the limit, below are a few suggestions of wedding gifts that don't cost the earth but still have special meaning for the couple,  something that they can remember and cherish forever.

Sentimental Gifts

  • A handwritten love letter, or poem, to be read either in private or to your partner during the speeches.  Why not also have it beautifully framed.
  • A book of poetry from your favorite poet, or, just one specific poem which represents how you feel, again beautifully framed.
  • A CD with a collection of 'your' songs or songs that express your love.
  • A photo album or a favorite single framed photo of the two of you.
  • A single long stem red rose proclaiming your love ('I love you')
  • A single long stem white rose proclaiming your love and excitement for the future ('happy love').
  • Customised calendar with pictures of the couple to celebrate their first year as man and wife.

Fun Gifts

  • hot air balloonGolf clubs, for him or her, or both.
  • MP3 player, portable DVD player, some electronic gadget that they've craved.
  • An expensive item that they wouldn't usually buy for themselves such as a designer handbag or sunglasses.
  • A day on the track, driving a super car.
  • A romantic hot air balloon.
  • Season ticket to his or her favorite sporting event.
  • A romantic weekend away later in the year.

When deciding on the wedding gifts both the bride and groom should think about what message and sentiment they are hoping to achieve, does the groom want to make his bride cry with the romantic and sentimental gesture (which may run the risk of ruining the wedding day make-up!) or does he know that his bride would much prefer something that would make her laugh? Knowing your partners likes and dislikes, what kind of gift they would love, regardless of cost should help make the decision.

Is Giving a Gift a Fading Tradition?

As couples are increasingly paying for their own weddings, which don't come cheap, the tradition of buying extra gifts for each other is fading.  Once they've paid out for the venue, outfits, transport, honeymoon etc, more and more couples believe that all of these purchases are symbolic for their commitment and love and no other gift is necessary, especially not one of monetary value anyway.

Whether the couple decide to purchase expensive gifts for each other or present something handmade, the gift should be personal to them, reflect their personality and also their style and likes. But above all, represent their love, commitment and promise of the beautiful life they are planning to share together - something that they can both treasure together and forever.