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Wedding Day Pedicure

foot massageWhen you hear the word pedicure most people would think of a woman, lazing in a beauty parlour enjoying a wonderful foot massage and pedicure, but pedicures can be for men just as much as women and for a bride and groom, particularly those who are being married on a sunny beach in sandals or even shoeless, what better way to complete their wedding ensemble by having their feet and toenails looking as stunning as the rest of them!

For those grooms that need a little persuading to have a pedicure, try to remind them that there is nothing feminine about having one done and how they will enjoy the massage that comes with the pedicure.  Perhaps if it is a beach wedding then all the men in your wedding party could have a pedicure so the groom will not feel so odd about having it.

What Is a Pedicure?

A pedicure is basically a wonderful relaxing way to make your feet not only look pretty and neat but also refreshed.  Similar to a manicure that deals with your hands, a pedicure cuts, shapes and neatens your nails while ensuring that the dead skin is removed from your feet, usually by the use of a pumice stone.

While using different oils and smells to refresh and relax your feet, the procedure can be very good at dealing with hard skin, calluses and also in-growing toe nails and other nail infections, particularly if you continue to have regular pedicures.  Having pedicures will not solve major problems with your feet and should you have any real worries you will be better to visit with a qualified chiropodist.

Whether you attend a spa or buy a do it yourself pedicure kit, there are many different types of pedicures to choose from which include:

  • Regular: the feet are soaked and scrubbed and the nails are trimmed and shaped followed by a foot and sometimes calf massage with some moisturiser and perhaps some nail varnish for the ladies, particularly for those special occasions.
  • Athletic: with fragrant oils including peppermint or eucalyptus this regular pedicure is popular with both men and women where they can have their toe nails polished or buffed.
  • Chocolate: a bizarre soaking of the feet in a chocolate solution be it a mask or a lotion followed by a regular pedicure.
  • French: mainly for the ladies, this is a regular pedicure after which the nails are painted a pale pink colour with white tips.
  • Gel: for the women, a coloured or clear gel is secured to the toe nails.
  • Margarita: your feet are soaked and massaged in a mixture of lime oils and moisturisers and a salt scrub then a regular pedicure.
  • Mini: this does not cover the entire foot and calf but as suggested is a smaller version of the regular pedicure in which the toes are soaked, shaped and polished but without the wonderful relaxing massages.
  • Paraffin: before the regular pedicure begins the feet are moisturised by being covered with paraffin wax.
  • Spa: this is a regular pedicure but with another form of treatment involved where the feet are dipped in seaweed, mud, paraffin or some form of mask.
  • Stone: a foot massage involving various different oils along with hot stones.

What to Expect with a Pedicure

pedicure 1You can expect the pedicure to last anywhere from half an hour even up to an hour and a half depending on the type you have chosen.  Your feet will be soaked which again, depending on the type could feel a bit like being in a mini Jacuzzi or standing in a muddy field.  You can relax and enjoy a massage or an exfoliating rub down as well as creams or even wraps around your feet and lower legs.

Your feet after enjoying the preparation for the pedicure will be rubbed and scrubbed to remove any dead skin and you will have your nails shaped.  It may tickle so be prepared to have your feet handled as having someone else touch your feet can be a new experience for anyone.

Ensure that after having a pedicure, you do not put on your big thick socks and try to stuff your feet into your trainers, especially the women who have had their toe nails painted as this will ruin the overall look as well as the refreshing and wonderful feeling your feet have just experienced.

Do It Yourself Pedicure

For those of you that want to do a little DIY pedicure, here are a few guidelines to follow to ensure that your feet feel healthy and refreshed.  Perhaps you could even do each other's feet?

  • Using a large bowl of luke warm water, soak your feet in the bowl for between five and ten minutes.  You can even add some scented oils or some fresh lemons or limes to add a bit of zing into the mix.
  • After you have dried your feet, spray them down with some antiseptic spray and allow to dry.
  • Clean your toe nails and then cut them using large nail clippers and only cut straight across, do not round them off.
  • Rub an exfoliating lotion onto your feet and calves and rinse your feet in the bowl.
  • While still damp, smooth out the calluses if you have any using a pedi-file and also a pumice stone on those hard skin areas.
  • After you have finished, use a moisturiser on your feet and legs and enjoy the feeling of the massage.
  • Add polish or buff as required or if you prefer, add some foot powder if you feel you need it.

The Importance of Your Feet

foot massage 2It is of course very important to take care of our feet as we are on them all the time, they take us everywhere we need to go and they can be forgotten about the majority of the time as they are usually hidden away by high heel shoes or trainers etc.

So many people suffer with different ailments relating to our feet, women more than men.  Those ailments can include:

  • Bunions: usually caused by wearing shoes too tightly these are formed when the toes are moved out of place and as the bunion increases in size it can cause pain and stiffness.
  • Calluses: these are thickened areas of skin caused by pressure or friction and are not always painful.
  • Corns: similar to calluses in that they are formed due to friction or pressure but they can become painful and inflamed.
  • Dry Cracked Heel: usually a condition that women suffer with more than men and can sometimes be extremely painful if the cracks are particularly deep and they can even bleed on occasion.  Caused by extremely dry skin along with a number of reasons including obesity and not wearing shoes often enough, this condition can be very sore to stand on.
  • Fungus: this ugly infection looks as nasty as it sounds and can sometimes cause toe nails to even drop off completely.  This is not something that is due to poor hygiene but rather an infection that has been passed through via a small cut or a break in the nail perhaps.
  • Hammer Toes: This is where the toes begin to curl down causing pain and stiffness and is caused by a muscle imbalance.
  • In-growing Toenails: caused by the nail growing into the side of the toe, most commonly the biggest toe, which can result in infection and pain.  This is usually as a result of cutting the nails incorrectly, i.e. rounded instead of straight across or cutting them too short.
  • Smelly Feet: with over two hundred and fifty thousand sweat glands in our feet it is understandable that they will sweat.  Smelly feet however is caused by bacteria not sweat and wearing the same shoes day in and day out will not help overcome smelly feet.
  • Swollen Feet: usually a condition of a build up of fluid.
  • Warts/Verucas: usually found on the bottom of your feet and caused, and spread by a virus.

If you suffer with any of these ailments, you should not try to scrap or cut away any of the skin without seeking advice from a professional.

Tips for Healthy Feet

  • Buy shoes that feel comfortable not tight.
  • Change your socks every day.
  • Check your feet regularly for any changes in appearance or colour etc.
  • Do not leave your shoes next to a direct heat source.
  • Ensure you wash and dry your feet every day making sure in-between your toes are kept as dry as possible.
  • Ensure your feet are dry if you are using talc as it will stick.
  • If you can, go barefoot at home, unless you are diabetic.
  • If you can, put your shoes outside in the sun for a while as the heat will kill off bacteria.
  • Keep your shoes as dry as possible.
  • Leather shoes are better for your feet than porous materials.
  • Slight exercising of the feet can be useful.  Rotating your ankles or stretching and bending toes and even picking up pencils with your toes is all great for making your feet feel healthy.
  • Use a foot deodorant.
  • Wear correct fitting shoes, nothing too tight that pinches or makes them sweat too much.
  • When it is warm, wear sandals rather than cover up.

Remember if you are showing your feet off at your exotic beach wedding, make sure you put sun tan lotion on your feet and toes as well as the rest of your body!

On your wedding day, you will be using your feet all day, not just to stand or walk down the aisle but also greeting your guests, cutting the cake and of course standing for the various toasts.  Ensuring that your feet feel as good as you can make them feel will give you a wonderful feeling of well being and refreshment.  So, if you have never had a pedicure before, why not treat yourself for your big day, you never know, you might become a regular!