Brides Necklace - Part I

bride necklace 1The date has been set, the venue is booked, the dress is chosen, and preparations are going like clockwork. Maybe organising a wedding isn't that difficult after all! Then along comes a 'minor' detail which stops you in your tracks.

There are many accessories that a bride can consider but what is the right and appropriate jewellery to adorn a beautiful bride?

How to Choose the Right Necklace for your Wedding Dress

Is there a right or wrong 'law' to follow when choosing neckwear for a bride? Do certain types of necklace suit certain types of dress? So much time and effort has been spent planning and preparing for this special day, that getting this detail right is just as important as choosing the right groom (well, maybe not as important, but for a bride it will feel like it is).

Of course, as with selecting the dress to suit the body shape of the bride, there are also different types of necklace to suit body shapes, different heights, and length of necks etc that will accentuate and compliment each type of dress style. It is those little touches that make the bride look and feel spectacular on her special day.

What type of Necklace Compliments Which Style of Dress?

  • Halter Top Dress: A dangle backed necklace or lariat is perfect for the Halter top dress. The attention is therefore drawn to the back as well as the front of the dress, making full use of and complimenting the whole wedding outfit. A Y-drop or pendant necklace also looks beautiful with a halter top as it centres the look of the dress.
  • Off the Shoulder Dress: This style of dress works with any style of necklace. Whichever style you choose will look beautiful.
  • One Shoulder or Asymmetric Dress: As this is a bold shape of dress a necklace would probably not be advisable as it could look unbalanced, opt for a beautiful pair of earrings and bracelet instead.
  • Open Backed Dress: A long lariat necklace is perfect for this type of dress as it adds a finishing touch and extra detail to the wedding outfit. A choker or collar will also look wonderful especially if it has a hanging jewel embellishment.
  • Scoop Necked Dress: This shape of neckline works perfectly with a simple one or multi-strand necklace. A choker also compliments this style of dress.
  • Square Top Dress: This is a very traditional shaped gown and a simple single or double strand necklace finishes off the look beautifully by bringing contrast, and attracting the eye towards the cut of the dress. Chokers are considered to be perfect for this cut of dress as they give a very clean lined look.
  • Strapless Dress: This style of dress is complimented by most styles of necklace. A choker will compliment the line of the top of the dress and brings a symmetrical and parallel line. Adding a sparkly pearl of crystal to a choker or collar will give a look of elegance and sophistication. A simple pendant necklace or a strand of single or multi-strand pearls will also look fantastic with a strapless dress. Strapless dresses draws attention to the neck and shoulders so having the perfect neckpiece will complete the desired effect.
  • V-Neck Dress: This type of dress works well with chokers as they give clean lines which do not distract from the v-neck of the dress, Y-drop necklaces look good as they follow the angle of the gown and simple single or double strand necklaces such as pearls also provide an elegant style which compliments the shape of the neck.

Length of Neck

If you have a long slender neck then collars, chokers and ultra short necklaces will bring out the beauty of your long neck.

If you have a short neck then accentuate it and make it appear longer by wearing a long necklace or lariat as these will give a lengthening and slimming effect.

Make sure that your length of chain on a pendant necklace is the right length and ensure that a pendant sits confidently above your neckline and does not pop up and down out of view.

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