Wedges and Platform Bridal Shoes

Wedge Shoes 1Most women, if they could, would have a collection of shoes that would put to shame the collection of Lady Imelda Marcos.

Your wedding shoes however are special, the intention is to wear them for the first time on your wedding day and for some, it could be a time to show off your highest platforms or your thickest wedges!

Your wedding shoes are a much needed accessory to complete your outfit and will play a big part in how you look depending on the style of dress you have chosen. Hopefully this article will help you decide if you want to wear wedges or platform shoes on the day of your wedding.

What are Wedges and Platforms?

Both the wedge and platform shoes are usually considered high heeled footwear (depending on their height of course) but when people hear the word platform or wedge they usually think 'high'.

The Wedge shoe has a 'heel' going literally from the back of the heel to the front of the toe and they range from around half an inch to around four inches.

The Platform shoes are similar to the wedge in style, i.e. there is a heel from front to back, however the height of the heel is equal.

Why Wear Them?

platform shoes 1Everyone knows about the damage done to your feet if you wear high heeled shoes for too long a time but there are also a lot of positives about wearing these styles, they can for instance:

  • Be easy to walk in.
  • Could be a good balancing tool for any 'wobbly' Brides while standing at the altar.
  • Give you some extra height if you need it.
  • Great for petite Brides.
  • Some can make your feet appear to be smaller.
  • They are fun and can be fashionable.
  • Your calves will be accentuated.
  • Your legs will look longer and sleeker.
  • Your posture will become more upright.

If you are feeling really daring, and your dress is long enough to hide them, you could wear some 'way out' shoes in any one of these styles. Imagine the smiles when you lift your dress for the traditional garter shot to reveal a pair of hot pink platform shoes under your skirt!

Points to Consider With Platform and Wedge Shoes

platform shoes 2When buying your platform or wedge shoes, consider the following tips:

  • By wearing higher heels, will you tower over your Groom or any other members of your wedding party?
  • Can you use them again for a different occasion?
  • Consider having two pairs of shoes for the day, one for the ceremony and one for dancing the night away.
  • Don't forget that your Groom can also wear wedges or platform shoes if you really want to make a statement!
  • Keeps plasters handy or even use some padded insoles.
  • Take care when walking up and down stairs.
  • To avoid blisters on the day, try to make sure you 'wear' them in, walk around the house in them on the carpet to protect them.
  • Try to avoid anything too decorated as you don't want your dress or petticoat to catch on your shoes and damage them.
  • When shopping for your shoes, take a photo of your dress (preferably with you in it) so you can match them together.
  • Will your shoes be suitable for your location? In other words, if you have to hike to your venue can you do so in your wedges?

If you don't normally wear heels then perhaps this is not the right option for you? If you are determined to be that little bit taller on the day though, during the lead up to your wedding it might be a good idea to practice walking in these types of shoes.

Enjoy trying on all the different styles of platforms and wedges that you can find until you find the right pair. They must of course match what you will be wearing but most importantly, you must find them comfortable!