The A-Line or Princess Line Wedding Dress

Finding the perfect wedding dress can be, for some Brides, a stressful and daunting time and after many hours of visiting various shops and trying on more dresses than you may own, the end result may just be sore feet and nothing else!

Before you even begin to look for your dream wedding dress you should consider what your shape is and take on board what wedding dress style will not only compliment you but bring out your best parts as well as make you feel comfortable and happy to wear it for hours.

By knowing the style that suits you best, it will help by eliminating all the others and your search for your dream wedding dress will be more focused and save you a lot of time.

One of the styles that is more popular than the rest is the A-Line dress which is a style that is fitted around the bodice and then flows down out to the ground giving an outline of an uppercase 'A'.

Simple and Classic Wedding Dress

This simple and classic style can be worn for any occasion and has a vast array of different structural elements with either a knee length look or the full length gown that flows into a chapel length train.

The added beauty of the A-line style dress is that it can support many fabrics from free flowing silks to/and satins, all depending on what look and shape you are aiming for. Depending on which fabric you choose your A-line dress can be created to give you a soft feminine silhouette or for those Brides who wish to achieve a more slinky shape a heavier fabric will emphasise the continuity of the style.

The A-Line Wedding Gown is a style that is fitted around the bodice with the skirt widening to form the A shape as it falls down. From the bust to the hem in an unbroken line, while the Princess Line style is a variation of the A-line with panels that run vertical from the shoulders or the armholes down to the hem.

From a two piece outfit of a bodice and skirt to the more traditional flowing gown, Brides-to-be will have a wide choice from simple to lavish and short to long with the A-line or Princess line wedding dress and depending on your budget this style of dress can be purchased from many suppliers at a cost that is suited to you.

Your A-line wedding dress can have beads or lace added to make the dress more formal and a simple bow can be tied around the waist to compliment your wedding colours. This style of dress can be given any look you wish and with just adding a few embellishments you can make it totally unique to you while at the same time give a stylish statement.

Pro's of Wearing the A-Line Dress

  • A larger lower body will be hidden.
  • Brings out a Bride's best features.
  • Curves will be created on a narrow frame.
  • Hides a Bride's worse features.
  • It flatters most body types.
  • It flatters slim waistlines and makes the most of your bust.
  • Shorter Brides can be given the illusion of added height.
  • Skims curves rather than cling to them.
  • This style can help slim down the rounded Bride.

Cons of Wearing the A-Line Dress Style

  • Brides with a fantastic figure and want to show it off should avoid this style.
  • Fuller figure Brides should avoid a tight bodice if wearing this style as it will emphasise your bust even more.
  • The tall Bride can be made to look even taller.

As you can see, there are not many cons of wearing the A-line or Princess-line wedding dress and why this versatile style is top of the list with so many Brides no matter what their age is or whether the wedding is held in a barn, church or a garden.

For every Bride-to-be her wedding day is one of the most special days of her life and for one day she wants to feel like a princess and look her very best!