Bridal Necklines

When choosing the right style of wedding dress for your wedding day there are many factors to consider including how tall you are, what shape of body you have and even your skin colour.

Finding the right style is of course important and the same can be said for finding the right style of neckline.

When considering the shape of neckline for your dress, you need to take into account how big or small your bust line is, the size of your waist and also the width of your shoulders.  Adding jewellery usually comes later in the preparation of your wedding outfit but if you have an important piece of jewellery that was given you to for your wedding day then this will also need to be taken into account when choosing your neckline.

Some neckline shapes to consider include:

asymmetrical neck bateau neck decolletage neck
Asymmetrical Neck

Brides with broad shoulders should avoid the one shouldered wedding dresses but this is a lovely neckline to show off your collarbones.

Bateau Neck

This almost straight neckline curves with the collarbone both at the front and the back but is not always a great style for the larger busted ladies.

Décolletage Neck

A great style for showing off a lot of your cleavage as it has a plunging neckline.

Halter Top Neck jewel neck off the shoulder neck
Halter Top Neck

Great for the taller Brides this sleeveless style shows off your arms and your cleavage and is great for slimming down broad shoulders.  This is not a great style for those with larger bust lines or small shoulders.

Jewel Neck

A high and round neckline good for enhancing the bust line especially if you are a bit small in that area but be careful if you have a larger bust line.

Off the Shoulder Neck

A very flattering effect for those Brides with larger bust lines or a pear shaped figure this neckline rests on your shoulders showing them and your collarbone off in the best way.  This is one to avoid if you have larger arms or broad shoulders.

poitrait neck queen anne neck scoop neck
Portrait Neck

This can be a similar shape to the Bateau neckline except this has a wide neckline from shoulder to shoulder and is great for showing off your shoulders and neck.

Queen Anne Neck

With a heart shaped neckline and a high collar this style is suitable for most shapes and is great to make the body look longer while also showing off a bit of cleavage.

Scoop Neck

This U shaped neckline is another style that is great for most body shapes and can be high or low depending on how much you want to show off and it is also great with any length of sleeve.

square neck strapless neck sweetheart neck

Square Neck
Quite flattering to all body shapes particularly the larger busted Brides.

Strapless Neck

Whether the dress is strapless or straight necked, this style is great for enhancing the shoulders and collarbones but not always a great look for the smaller busted Brides

Sweetheart Neck

For those with a larger bust this style of a heart shaped neckline is wonderful for showing off a good cleavage but will generally flatter most body shapes.

v-shape neck    
V Shape Neck

This shape is one of the most flattering for any shape of body but mainly for those with a fuller figure or hour glass shape.


Necklines are important as they show off the top section of your body, your face, neck and arms so you should read as much advice as you can about finding the right dress for you but one of the best things you can do is to try the different styles on and see what suits you the best. 

Every dress and style of neckline that you try on will compliment you and give your body shape a different look each time so try on the various styles and you will be sure to find the right dress that will accentuate your body to its greatest potential and make you look stunning on the day that you walk down the aisle!