Brides Petticoat - Part I

Not every Bride wants to wear a petticoat as some may consider them to be old fashioned or even slightly annoying but for some wedding dresses, they are a must!

What is a Bridal Petticoat?

The petticoat, sometimes referred to as a slip if it is of a simple nature, is another wedding accessory that a Bride can use to accentuate her look on one of the most important days of her life. It is worn underneath the skirt section of your dress and usually begins at the waist.

History states that a petticoat was not necessarily considered to be underwear and could in fact be worn as a skirt in its own right but generally it was used to keep the legs warm or to give its wearer a particular shape, especially if they wanted to accentuate their small waists or larger bust lines.

Petticoats have been worn since the late fifteen hundreds and there have been a plethora of styles to choose from including some that used to be quilted, stiffened to produce loops, short or long lengths and lace and silk materials. The styles of petticoats have changed consistently over the decades as the dresses have changed their shapes from simple and narrow to full skirt etc.

Some petticoats were so elaborate and heavy that those worn with tight corsets often caused its wearer to faint from a lack of oxygen. Petticoat fashion has also suffered over the years in popularity as the style of skirts changed and also when War made it impossible to obtain the right materials.

How Can You Use the Petticoat

Using a petticoat underneath your wedding dress will give you a wonderful silhouette, especially if you are a fan of big full skirts. Some styles can include layers which can produce an almost 'meringue' style look or the wired and hooped ones will give your skirt a real fullness effect. These petticoats will ensure that your dress stays as crease free as possible throughout the day.

This lingerie item will not only enhance your dress but will also give you support as well as comfort (and warmth) and can prove to be a lovely addition to your wedding gown.

Buying the Right Bridal Petticoat

The right style is out there for you if you are prepared to look around for it. A lot of petticoats are purchased separately from the wedding dress but your Bridal shop can advise you on the perfect petticoat for your chosen style. Take their advice seriously and enjoy trying on the different varieties available to you.

Once you have chosen your dress, try it on with and without the petticoat to see if there is any visible difference in the shape and the look. This will confirm for you if you require a petticoat or not.

If you are purchasing your petticoat from another shop without the help of a bridal shop then one of the best things to start with is to measure the length at the bottom of your dress (from one seam to the other) and then double the amount. This figure will give you the circumference of your dress and you should then be able to find the right petticoat.

If you are looking for comfort and warmth rather than shape, try getting a petticoat with a smaller circumference as your dress. For a fuller skirt shape then you will obviously need a larger circumference and for the real princess look you will need to take the measurements to their maximum, ensuring of course that the dress can completely cover it and nothing is showing.

Try not to go for a smaller size in the waist because you feel this might 'hold you in' a bit on the day because all that will happen is that your petticoat will not only feel tight and restricting but it may also 'ride' up slightly and ruin your shape. Some petticoats will be adjustable via a drawstring effect on the waist while some will have hooks or even Velcro to fasten the slip which means the wearer can adjust for comfort as necessary.

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