One Shouldered Wedding Dress

one shouldred wedding dress

Every bride wants her day to be extra special, to be something that everyone who attends will remember with pleasure for a lifetime. Everything must be perfect from the buttonholes to the venue and unique, exciting and different from everyone else's. For the bride this is of the utmost importance when choosing her dress. The dress has to make her feel and look beautiful as well as comfortable and make everyone who sees her gown jealous that they never thought of being so daring or original with their own wedding gowns, or indeed to inspire brides to be. There is no more dramatic or unusual design of dress which stands out above all the rest than a one shouldered wedding gown.

What is a One Shouldered Wedding Dress?

A one shouldered wedding gown has an asymmetrical neckline which covers one shoulder but leaves the other bare. This is a difficult style for some brides to wear as most tend to stay 'safe' and stick with symmetrical designs. This style of dress usually has dramatic straight lines but can also be softened with pleats which is commonly known as the 'Grecian Goddess' style. If the bride has the body to compliment and the confidence to wear this design of gown then the result will be absolutely stunning.

What Shape Body Will Suit the One Shouldered Wedding Dress?

Most brides choose their wedding dress to best compliment their figure, emphasising their good bits and hiding their not so good bits. One important factor is usually creating a look of symmetry but of course this is the exact opposite of the style of a one shouldered dress. The most important thing for a one shouldered wedding dress to look fantastic is to have good shoulders and arms. This style is about dramatic straight lines, combining sophistication and sexy all rolled together and unless your body can compliment this then steer well clear. If you are one of the lucky few who have these attributes naturally then go for it, you will look fabulous, but for those who are not so blessed, then it's off to the gym for you!

The Right Bra

When choosing a bra for a one shouldered wedding dress, think about the shape you want to create and which type of bra will show off your assets and the dress in the best possible way. The most appropriate bra for this style of dress is a strapless or backless one. You need to choose something that will still give you the support required and compliment the dress but not be seen or have a habit of 'popping' into view throughout the day. A basque would also serve well with this style, holding in any 'wobbly' bits and creating a smooth, graceful shape.

What Accessories to Wear with a One Shouldered Wedding Dress

A bold necklace will bring attention to the contrast of the dress and the bare shoulder. However the best look is to wear no necklace at all, let the dress be the statement piece and wear a simple but bold pearl bracelet on the wrist that has the bare shoulder. A pair of dangly chandelier earrings or bold studs will compliment this dress. Some may choose to wear a veil with this style of dress and a tiara but the best look will be the simpler one, with minimal accessories. Flashes or pearls or sparkle on the wrist or in the hair will be enough to complete this look, the dress will be a bold enough statement, don't over do it with accessories, with this dress, less is most definitely more.

How to Wear Your Hair with a One Shouldered Wedding Dress

Due to the dramatic style of the dress it would be recommended for brides with long hair to wear their hair up on their big day. With the contemporary look of a one shouldered dress the bride could wear her hair in a simple but elegant chignon, perhaps decorated with some pearls, or a looser chignon with some loose tendrils hanging. A low smooth or curly bun, worn at the base of the neck or a low ponytail worn on the side of the bare shoulder will balance out the whole look of the outfit, creating a simple and beautiful look, whether the ponytail is straight or curly.

Which Wedding?

The one shouldered wedding dress is perfect for a summer wedding. The dress can be a short, floaty design which is perfect for a beach wedding or long and straight for a hill top with a dramatic view with the dress to flap gently in the breeze. Getting married abroad will suit this style, think of being married in Rome or Greece with a beautiful Grecian Goddess style gown and curls in your hair for a look which perfectly suits the surroundings.

Of course this style, as with any other, can be worn at any time of the year. Brides may just need to consider how cold they may get when travelling from destination to destination. Possibly investing in a cloak or throw would be appropriate, something which is beautiful in itself and will compliment the dress for any of those photographers that may capture the bride during her travelling state, but which can be taken off for the important moments.

Famous Wearers

The one shouldered dress has increased in popularity over the years and this is due in no small part to the celebrities that choose to wear this style. The one shouldered dress is a staple on the red carpet or to important functions this season. Celebrities who have recently worn this style of gown include:

  • Beyonce.
  • Kate Winslett.
  • Kate Blanchett.
  • Rachel Bilson.
  • Megan Fox.
  • Kate Moss.
  • Heidi Klum.
  • Miranda Kerr.

In simple terms, this style of dress is hot, hot, hot at the moment and all the top designers and celebrities are wearing it. Of course this trend will naturally follow into the bridal market.

Whichever style the bride chooses for her special day, it must be a style that makes her feel like a million dollars, want her to have every eyes on the room focused on her and be comfortable and feeling fabulous. This is the most important day of her life and she wants to remember it always and wants to feel that special forever. Why not choose a style that will knock everyone's socks off with its simplicity yet dramatic look. Pure style and elegance personified. This is also a look that the bride can carry on in her everyday outfits with shorter styles and different colours, even choosing a one shouldered top and teaming it with a pair of jeans. Unfortunately not everyone will be able to 'pull off' this style of dress, but for those that can, go for it, you will be at the height of fashion, feel and look fantastic and be an inspiration to others!