Bridal Hair Extensions

hair extensionsMany women dream of having long manageable hair that can be put into almost any style and hair styles are never more important than the day of a Bride's wedding when she wants her crowning glory to hold that sparkling tiara either gathered up in a mass of curls or hanging loosely in ringlets.

We all know that growing hair can involve a lot of time and effort and it is all too easy when having a bad hair week to take a trip to the hairdressers to have the lot cut off and give up.

All may not be lost for those Brides-to-be that want long hair without having to wait months or years to obtain it as today's market offers us hair extensions in different styles, sizes and colours and with expert advice can look and feel like your own hair.

What are Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are individually glued to your own hair by parting a small section of hair and crisscrossing (weaves) both real and extension hair of up to twenty to fifty strands into tight braids which are then painted with a strong bonding solution. (Some stylists will clamp with metal rods or use waxes and/or clays). The extension is then heat sealed by placing a heated clamp to melt the bonding solution.

When applied by a professional and with care, hair extensions can last up to four months. After this period of time the bonding solution will begin to loosen from your natural hair and fall off.

Films stars and celebrities pay out hundreds and thousands of pounds to enable them to keep their hair extensions looking and feeling good but even then there comes a time when even they have to have them taken out and their natural hair cut to regain back its strength and thickness.

Most hair extensions, if applied properly, will last for up to four months. After this the special glue-like bond attached to your natural hair will begin to loosen and fall off. Many people will only keep their extensions for a short period of time for a special event or occasion. How long you decide to have then is really a personal decision. However, if you decide afterwards that the length is too long for you; they can be cut until you are happy with them.

You could opt to have your hair extensions kept in for just a short while and have them taken out before any damage to your real hair takes place but however long you do intend to keep them in is very much a personal decision.

more hair extensionsThe advantages of using hair extensions include:

  •  Beads and strands of different coloured hair can be applied to your extensions without damaging your real hair.
  • By having extensions you can see and feel how it would be if you were to grow your own hair longer.
  • Hairstyles are more varied to give you a different look each time.
  • With care your new hair will be quite easy to handle.
  • You get an instant new look.

The disadvantage of having bridal hair extensions include:

  • Depending on how heavy or long your extensions are the added pressure to your scalp can thin your natural hair.
  • Hair extensions can over time damage your own hair. This is caused by the glue used which can burn and split the ends of your hair.
  • It could become an expensive hobby if you continue.
  • Once hair extensions are removed you will have to have your own hair cut fairly short to remove the damage caused.
  • The bonding glue may cause allergies. 
  • You may get headaches.

Maintaining Hair Extensions

  • Always brush out knots before you wash your hair or go to sleep by starting at the bottom and working up
  • Do not go to sleep with extensions wet and tied up.
  • Do not yank at them with a brush or burn them with the blow-dryer.
  • Only have the hair extensions removed by a professional.
  • Use a gentle hair care product.
  • Wash and condition every two to three days and because the extensions do not receive any of the natural scalp oils it is important to moisturize to stop them becoming brittle.
  • Wash and treat hair extensions she same way as your natural hair.

Clip on Hair Extensions

clip on hair extensionsFor those that do not wish to have hair extensions bonded or weaved into their natural hair, there is always the choice of buying clip-on hair extensions that are far cheaper and with practice can be put in by you and taken out with no hassle. The clips simply open up and you snap them into place starting at the neck's nape and working your way upwards.

You can use as many of the clips as you want to get the desired volume and they can also be used just to add highlights instead of you having to use chemicals to dye your natural hair.

For a fantastic and instant hair style wearing clip in hair extensions is not only easy and painless but also much cheaper.

Hair Extensions Materials

Materials used can vary from real human hair to synthetic hair or even a mixture of them both and can be in any colour and texture with all different lengths. In some extension mixtures there may even be animal hair.

When real hair is used in extensions it can be from most parts of the world and for the long straight hair there is a high possibility that it has come from Indian women who as part of a pilgrimage ritual they shave off their hair as a contribution because they believe they have been blessed in their lives.

Indian traders will then sell on the hair for up to fifteen rupees per gram and it is then sorted by size and colour, cleaned and then sold on to the European market. A huge profit is then made when salons can charge from two to eight hundred pounds.

European hair is most popular for extensions and mostly comes from southern Italy and Spain. The colour is stripped back to nothing and re-tinted with fabric dyes and with good care it can last up to a year.

Even though there are disadvantages to having hair extensions, these can be overcome with care and the right timing as to when to have them taken out. The dream of having long flowing locks for your wedding day and/or honeymoon can now be achieved with care, advice and a bit of added expense to your wedding budget!