Introductory Page to Bridal Makeup SOS

eye makupEvery single Bride that is preparing for her wedding day knows that she want to look her best on the day and while some will have a professional make up artist come to their house and do their make up, for others this might not be an option.

Whether it is because your budget is not able to stretch as far as a professional make up artist or if it is because you would prefer to do your own make up on the day, in order for your look to be just the way you want it you will need to practice and pick up as many tips of advice as you can.

For some, they may feel that their only option is to have surgery to 'correct' something they do not like but this option can be expensive and is not for everyone. Make up on the other hand is a great alternative to surgery, it can enable someone to show off their big eyes or high cheekbones and even cover up the great big spot that appears on the morning of your wedding!

Included within this introduction are four articles which contain information on 'How to':

  • Make your eyes look bigger.
  • Make your face look thinner.
  • Make your lips look fuller.
  • Make your nose look smaller.

One thing to remember is that we, as women, all have something about ourselves that we do not like. Every Bride will strive to look stunning as they walk down that aisle and we have tried to give you some ideas and hints about the best way to enhance your features or even to cover up any imperfections that you are not happy with.

So, what are you waiting for, get your make up brushes out and start practising!