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Chocolate Themed Hen Party

chocolate 1Chocolate is a word that every female can relate to and a word that can instantly produce a smile and a lip smacking 'hmmmm' sound.

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Women up and down the country are organising social events where they gather together and make plans to have chocolate parties and what better way to celebrate your hen weekend than to spend it eating and making yummy chocolate delights with a glass or two of bubbly thrown in for good measure!

Chocolate workshops and factories are opening up all over the UK to cope with the growing mass of women wanting to try their hand at producing their own masterpieces from truffles to personalised chocolate lollies. Some companies are even offering you and your hens the chance to make your own wedding favours that can be packed and colour co-ordinated with your wedding theme.

You and your hens can enjoy a few hours with experienced chocolatiers' who will teach you about the origins of chocolate and the process of how to obtain that delicious tasting chocolate from the bean to the resulting bar.

Hens Secret Chocolate Recipe

choclate 2Recipes of your own designs and secrets will be given to you to have more fun and help you reach perfection in making your own chocolate.

Before you choose a chocolate workshop or factory you should find out which chocolate they use as this can vary from milk and/or Belgian chocolate to the Green and Blacks variety and if you are extra lucky, the company you use may even have a chocolate fountain running throughout the experience for you all to indulge in!

Prices for this scrumptious experience will vary depending on how much chocolate ingredients, decorating packaging and wine you require and there is usually a minimum of eight to ten participants required.

Chocolate Facts and Myths

  • Chocolate does not raise blood cholesterol even though it is high in fat.
  • Chocolate is one of the most popular foods around and is highly unlikely to ever go out of fashion.
  • Napoleon ordered that chocolate was to be taken on all his military campaigns as he believed it was a wonderful source of energy.
  • In the famous and chilling shower scene in Alfred Hitchcock's movie "Psycho" they used chocolate syrup to represent the blood.
  • We get the word 'Chocolate' from the Aztec word, 'cacahuatl' or 'xocolatl' which means 'bitter water'.
  • You would have to eat ten bars of chocolate to equal the amount of caffeine found in one cup of coffee!

For those chocoholics out there, what a fabulous chance to go with your closest friends and have the perfect excuse to give in to your constant craving and have vast pleasure in eating your 'mistakes'!

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