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Hen Night on a Party Bus

london party busWhat better way to visit numerous bars and nightclubs without the bother of hailing cabs or wobbling in five inch to die for shoes than partying on a double decker bus with never ending music, fun and laughter!

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These private buses decorated with balloons, streamers and party lights are being seen more and more round the town with hen parties having the time of their lives on a great night out. Some offer uniformed cabin crews that are trained and experienced to ensure you and your hens have a stress free and forgettable evening.

Buses come in different colours and themes from the original London red double decker to cowgirls and angels and packages will vary from company to company so do some research on what is on offer in your area. Cities these private buses can be found at (so far) include Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leeds, London, Manchester and Newcastle and if there are none available in your city yet, keep a look out as these hen party buses are set to take off and become very popular.

Hen Party Bus Packages

Packages can range from having a free shot at every bar you stop at to the night ending with a meal at a top class restaurant or VIP entry into a top nightclub. Some companies will offer and arrange accommodation for you all to make the night or weekend even more stress free.

Your party bus can be private to you and your hens or you can share the experience of other Bride's-to-be and her girls celebrating their own hen night. Again, each company can offer a different bus and it may well depend on which night you want if your bus is to be completely private or a shared one.

So, if your idea of a fantastic start to your hen night is to sit back and sip cocktails among a great atmosphere while taking in the sights of the city from on board your mobile disco bus and party the night away; then a private party bus may be just up your street to become one of the best nights of your life with great memories that will be remembered for a long time to come!

Hen Bus Party Game

If your hens do not know each other very well, a great ice breaker game would be for them all to start off by telling the group what her name is and something she likes to eat with the first letter of her name, for instance, 'my name is Pauline and I love pumpkin pie' or 'my name is Teresa and I love turnips'. Not only is this a good way of breaking the ice, it also gives everybody a great name to remember each other's names by the food they love!

This could be a truly novel and unique way to celebrate your Hen night, definitely one to remember and will certainly bring a smile to your face the next time you step on public transport!

hen party