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Its a Knockout Hen Party

chicken costumeIt has taken you months (if not years) to finalise the plans for your wedding day which came complete with the ups and downs of stress levels and no doubt many tears of frustrations, happiness and despair from time to time but now it is time to plan your hen party knowing all your preparation has been done and you can finally have some 'me' time for you and your hens.

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Hen parties can consist of a relaxing quiet night in with a bottle or two of wine, a box of chocolates and a good girlie movie to watch or you might prefer a night on the town dancing the night away and sampling cocktails galore.

But, for those that want something different with fun and laughter, the growing popularity of 'It's A Knockout' could be that ideal time to get all those pent up frustrations out by playing and competing against other hen and stag parties while at the same time having a great day out!

Timeless Classic

Based on the timeless classic game which most of us must have watched on the television at some point; you and your hens can find yourselves in games such as Bombing the Castle, Penguin Pursuit and Magic Carpets to name just a few.

Dressed in twelve foot high penguin costumes, scrabbling through mounds of foam and getting wet while trying to climb slippery slopes is a fun and crazy way to have a 'knock out' hen party and games vary from action packed, interesting and downright hilarious while competing head-to-head against other teams.

This type of hen party is best done during the day before the real party of dancing and drinking starts and not the day afterwards! For some reason, hangovers do not go down too well when trying to have fun playing these laughable games!

It's a Knockout Venues

inflatable animalsThe venues for 'It's a Knockout' hen parties are currently being held in Nottingham, Bristol and Bournemouth and there is a minimum number of eight or more people that can apply as a team. Applicants can be of any age or ability but everyone should be prepared to get wet as many of the games involve water and foam.

Depending on which venue you choose the winning team will receive a bottle of bubbly or a handful of medals but the best result that you can all go home with is that you have all had a fabulous time and a great day to remember. Your day will be compared by event managers who are experienced in making sure you all have a side splitting day full of mayhem, madness and fun with a capital F.

I can remember fondly watching those people dressed in their oversized costumes, laughing when they fell over or were unable to get over a particular obstacle because they were too big, too wet or just too tired to even run properly.

It always seemed like a really good laugh to me and knowing that it is now possible to do myself with my closest friends seems like a fantastic opportunity for some real hen night fun!

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