Perfume Making Hen Party

For thousands of years women have gone to great lengths to smell nice for many reasons and whether it is to mask nasty smells or for the art of seduction, today perfume can be obtained in hundreds and thousands of different varieties and this can make the choosing of a perfume to suit you quite daunting.

Your wedding day is no exception when you want the right perfume and what better way to experiment with finding the right one than having a perfume night for your hen party!

For a fun and hopefully rewarding experience, you and your hens can choose a package that suits your needs and budget and at the end of it all you get to take home your own designer perfumer for your special day.

Using from as many as eighteen fragrances you and your friends will blend scents to find your own unique perfume or you may even choose to make an aftershave for the love of your life.

Invent Your Own Bridal Perfume

A perfume hen party can be split into teams where you will compete in head-to-head competitions and the winner gets to name the best perfume. Each member of your hen party will then get to take home a full bottle of the new designer perfume complete with a certificate.

Various locations throughout the United Kingdom are ideally situated for your perfume hen party and some beauty salons and studios will have a minimum and maximum expectancy so it is always best to double check on how many will actually be coming to your hen evening. If you are lucky enough, the company in your area may offer home based parties where you can open a couple of bottles of wine and carry on partying after you have made your personally named perfume.

Your party will have its own perfume consultant to help you blend and incorporate the vast array of oils as well as offering advice on what is best for different skin types to help you all get that perfect combination that will be unique to you.

The nose interacts with the brain because it is the closest sense organ and a smell will hit the spot straight away, far quicker than sight and touch and that is why so many of us have smelt something that directly takes our memory back to a certain time that means something to us.

Perfume Creates Good Feelings

Women have known for many years that the smell of perfume will attract men and by wearing it ladies know they smell good which in turn makes them feel better about themselves and a bottle of perfume with good make up is never far away from each other.

In the comfort of your own home or a chosen venue your perfume consultant will take you through the different fragrances that you will blend together to make your desired smell.

At the end of the session you will come away with a 25ml bottle of your very own personally named fragrance and a nose for the finer scents in life!