Boudoir Photography

Have you ever considered a Boudoir Photoshoot? Perhaps as a gift to your future husband for your wedding, perhaps something for you and your husband to do together or maybe you just want some 'different' photos with you wearing your wedding dress.

Boudoir photography is also referred to as 'For Your Eyes Only' (F.Y.E.O.) photography as they are often taken just for the eyes of a loved one...

Nicki Ward, a Former Moderator on our Wedding Forums, decided to have a boudoir photoshoot done as a surprise gift to her husband. What follows is Nicki's own words as she describes the whole process, from worrying about lumps and bumps, to choosing which negligee to wear in each photo.

Lumps and Bumps

nicki 6When I first heard about boudoir photography I didn't really know what it was.  So I searched the internet and read up about it, once I did I thought it looked great - but I could never possibly do this, I had too many lumps and bumps in the wrong places.  I mean yeah right, as if I was going to stand in front of a camera in my underwear!!!! Not a chance.

BUT... I kept thinking about it and something in me just thought "what the heck!", so I contacted quite a few of the companies that turned up in my search and one of them, a company called Tempted, came back to me straight away - bearing in mind it was very late at night so I was impressed! In her reply Jo put all my doubts to the back of my head and never pressured me into anything. I really wanted to do this as a wedding present for Sam and as a practice run for the main wedding photos.

So I booked it! Oh my god what was I doing??

nicki 1Time to Get in Shape

I've never had much self esteem when it comes to my body but it was booked now so away we go, first to the gym, then Weight Watchers and a few body wraps as well!

The day of the shoot came, my friend Michelle came with me and we went to Jo's house where she does the photo shoots in her studio.  When we got there Jo immediately made me feel at ease and made us a cuppa to calm the nerves.

The make up artist soon got started on my make-up, and even if I say so myself, I looked pretty hot hee hee :)

Then we took all my outfits upstairs to lay them out where Jo arranged them in order of how the photos would be taken.  I got changed into my first outfit, which was jeans and a basque, to get myself comfy in front of the camera

Jo took loads of me in this outfit and I really relaxed with the camera - she was always making me laugh and making me feel at ease.  When we had finished in this outfit I went to change into outfit number two.

nicki 3The Negligee

This time I was a little bit more daring and put on the negligee, but soon got used to being in front of the camera with not too many clothes on hee hee.

Then change number 3.

I wanted a bit of wedding put into the shoot because I am getting married in December, so these photos were included too.

I loved these ones as it made me feel like I was practicing for the wedding - not that I am going to walk down the aisle in my knickers lol

We did other shots - but I don't really want to plaster the ones that look like the advert for Gossard Wonderbra on here lol.

Topless Shots

nicki 4We did topless, which I never dreamed I would do, but I did (covered by my hands) and it was great - I felt so at ease!

So, what would I say to anybody thinking about doing this?

Go forth do it do it !!

Every woman should experience having a boudoir, or For Your Eyes Only, photo portrait, but if you are getting married and want to get used to having your photo taken it's also a fab way to do it, and what's more, your H2B will love it!!! Imagine his face when he sees your photos and knows that he will be marrying this beautiful woman he sees before him!

More F.Y.E.O. photos can be seen on the

Nicki x

nicki 5

Tempted Images are based in Stafford, near Birmingham. Their relaxed, contemporary boudoir photography is offered in a range of packages to suit everyone. For more information contact Jo via