Alternatives to Confetti and Rice Throwing

pop-pouriFrom the moment a couple are pronounced man and wife, hands all around them begin opening and reaching into bags of rice or confetti just waiting for the appropriate moment, usually as the newlywed couple walk past, when they can chuck a handful at the pair in celebration of their nuptials!

The Bride and Groom, blissfully happy as they walk through hand in hands do not care that they have specks of white 'bits' in their hair or that many hours later while undressing they will find a mysterious pile of the small fragments stuck in their underwear and they are even quite happy to spit out the offending crumbs through the smiles and the photographs.

That's the beauty of throwing something like rice or confetti at a wedding; no one really minds that they are covered in the stuff. It is a lovely tradition that, as long at it continues to stay safe and healthy for the guests and the surrounding environment, should be encouraged and this article will hopefully give you some ideas about what you can use instead of the customary confetti or rice.

Why Throw Anything At The Bride and Groom?

Apparently the tradition of showering a newlywed couple with items such as confetti, rice or even birdseed began hundreds of years ago in Rome and ancient Egypt. The throwers believed that when the seeds fell on the married couple that they would bestow fertility to the duo and make their union a fruitful one.

Over the years, as society has become more environmentally aware, the tradition has had to adapt slightly. In the past, confetti consisted of nuts and grains but this has now been changed to coloured shaped paper and rice or birdseed has been forbidden in some areas for safety reasons as there have been occasions where guests have fallen over or slipped on the rice and injured themselves.

What are the Alternatives to Confetti and Rice?

There are plenty of alternatives that you can use on your special day such as:

  • butterflyBalloons: these could be a wide variety of colour released after your vows have been taken and they could even carry little messages on them. You will however need to find out if there are any restrictions on the releasing of balloons in your area.
  • Bells: these would of course be rung and not thrown at the Bride and Groom and would make a lovely conclusion to your ceremony, especially if your church does not have any working bells or if you are being married in a Registry Office. If the expense is not too great, the bells used could also be kept as a lovely 'favour' for the guests.
  • Bubbles: you could have your guests blow bubbles around you or even have a bubble machine. It might be quirky to use the favours that are becoming increasingly popular, especially as they can come in a huge range of shapes and colours including champagne glasses and even wedding cakes. Including bubbles in your wedding pictures can really make for some stunning and beautiful photographs.
  • Doves or Butterflies: releasing or setting free doves or butterflies can be a lovely addition to your ceremony and you can place a lot of meaning into their release. You could even have the butterflies in the same colours as your wedding theme.
  • Popcorn: something different and weird for your wedding and your younger guests will certainly enjoy it.
  • Poppers: these might be a little noisy and can be just as untidy but it will certainly set the party off with a bang.
  • Rose petals: the rose petals signify love but you don't necessarily have to use roses, you could use lavender buds or even your favourite flowers and they could be thrown in front of you as you make your way to your wedding car. Just think how lovely your wedding day will smell.
  • Sparklers: these would look stunning particularly if your wedding is taking place in the evening or at night time. For the younger guests you could perhaps provide them with glow lights as an alternative.
  • Sunflower seeds: a lovely alternative to bird seed, especially during the summer and it could be made even nicer by including some sunflowers in with the seeds.

A lot of the options above are more user friendly and of course environmentally safer alternatives to confetti. For those of you who still love the idea of confetti it is possible to find the eco friendly confetti.

Things to Consider With Confetti Alternatives

Try to be as creative as you can when thinking about what you want to be thrown (at you) on your wedding day. Think carefully and consider all the options available and be one hundred percent sure you are happy with your choice. Below are some things to think about when making your choices:

  • Can you allocate someone from your wedding party to take care of supplying your guests with your chosen item?
  • If you choose petals, will freeze dried ones last longer?
  • If you decide to use birdseed, you should probably expect a few extra visitors, namely birds, to arrive for the party!
  • Releasing live animals such as doves and butterflies takes a lot of organisation. You will need to ensure that the animals are healthy and come from a good supplier.
  • Will your option stain or damage your clothes? See if you can get a sample of your clothing to test it on, especially if you are using bubble mixture.

One cause of concern for venues is that these items can be extremely untidy and difficult to clear away after the wedding guests have left so you will need to ensure you ask permission to throw anything. In a lot of churches they may ask you not to throw anything inside the church but wait until you are in the church grounds.

If you can, try to ensure that you let your guests know what you have chosen to use rather than rice or confetti so that they don't bring their own confetti along. You don't want an even bigger mess created because your chosen option mixes with confetti that a guest, unaware of your choice, brings along and uses.

Whatever your chosen 'sprinkling' is, savour the sensation of it falling around you because it is another memory for you to lock away in your mind and is another 'confirmation' of your marriage vows just as much as those words proclaim you man and wife!