Pre Wedding Photo Shoot

The photographs and wedding album are just as important as every other item on your wedding checklist. After you have researched and chosen your photographer, why not express your excitement (and probably a little bit of nervousness) in some pre wedding photo shots?

What is a 'pre-Wedding Photoshoot'?

These photos could be taken either a few days before your wedding or even as part of your engagement celebration weeks before. This informal photo shoot doesn't have to be at your wedding venue, it could be at one of your favourite locations where you might consider the scenery to be beautiful and want this to be incorporated into your pictures. It could even be where you first met or where your partner popped the question.

Importantly it should be a fun day for you and partner, not only to experiment with different poses that you are considering on the day but also to get to know your photographer, how he or she works with you and even the ambience and character of your venue. You want your wedding day photos to look composed and natural and if you have already worked with your photographer and sat near the same fountain or practised looking lovingly into each others eyes without laughing then you will feel relaxed and much more confident on the day about smiling in front of the camera and this will definitely reflect in your pictures.

By the end of the day you will have some lovely photographs to look through together that will mark your love for each other.

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Styles

Like other photographic shoots, there are many different styles to choose from and these will vary from photographer to photographer. Some styles that might be offered could include:

  • A trip out to a scenic location, perhaps a park or a lake.
  • Close up shots of materialistic objects such as your engagement rings or even the pair of you holding hands.
  • Instead of posed shots perhaps you would prefer for the photographer to follow you around taking photos at every opportunity.
  • Photographs taken in your own home.
  • Shots taken on the beach in the summer if you are having a winter wedding.
  • The two of you in a studio with plain backgrounds and different poses.

If you have something specific in mind for your shoot, talk this over with your photographer first and they might make some suggestions to incorporate your ideas.


  • Ask to see your photos in colour and in black and white as you may prefer one over the other.
  • Don't be afraid to let your hair down and be a little crazy.
  • Find out if the photo shoot also offers a make up artist.
  • If you are uncomfortable having your picture taken, be sure to tell your photographer this as they usually know tricks to bring people out of their shell.
  • If you know anyone who had a pre wedding shoot, ask them about their experiences and if there was anything they would have done differently.
  • Some newlyweds might like to include their close family members in the shoot, ask your photographer if they can cater for all of them.
  • Some photographers will offer a pre wedding shoot within their package (probably for an extra cost but there is usually no obligation to buy any of these photographs) so be sure to check this out when doing your research.
  • When viewing the final shots, if there are any poses or angles that you do not like, point them out to your photographer and ask for them to be avoided or changed.

Ensure you make clear to your photographer what type of style and format you are interested in, go over every detail and don't be afraid to ask questions or ask if they have any examples for you to look at. Does he have any reviews or feedback for instance from other clients?

Consider the idea also that some of your pre wedding shots could be included into your actual wedding album as a sort of 'lead up' to the day.

A nice idea might be to have your pre wedding photos either displayed at the reception or even projected onto a wall during the speeches.

No doubt you will enjoy looking through the pre wedding photos and showing them off to everyone and this is a great way to imagine the style and sort of photos you will be receiving after your wedding is over.

What a wonderful and memorable way to show your friends and family, and of course yourselves, how happy you were in the lead up to your wedding day!