Types of Wedding Photography

As you and your partner are standing in front of the photographer with your family all around you and the biggest smiles you can muster spread across your faces, you do not consider that the photograph being taken could be styled differently from what is generally considered the 'norm'.

As with any wedding, preparations usually take place many months in advance and after you are married, it is not unusual for the wedding album to take a few months to be completed. This means that it could be some time before you can flip the pages of your album to see how you and your partner looked on the day.

Until this time, you will have to rely on the shots taken by friends and family to see how happy you looked or how beautiful the venue was.

What Wedding Photography Styles are Available?

When it comes to the time that you have to consider the style of your photographs, you should think about each option available carefully as this will be your one and only wedding album, something that you will treasure always and you do not want it to be something you cant bear to look at because you chose a style that you are not happy with!

Every photographer will have their own style of photos which you should enquire about and below we have highlighted some of the basic styles that you could choose from when thinking about your wedding day photographs.

These could be:

Reportage or Candid Wedding Photographs

These are various shots that are taken throughout the day; the photographer will blend in and walk around you and your guests and will capture the day's events in photographs as they unfold. These photographs do not usually include a picture of the drunken uncle in the corner who has grabbed a nearby guest and asked the photographer to take a quick snap of them both with their glasses raised; the shots taken are not posed or forced.

A photographer who offers this service needs to be a professional who really knows what they are doing with a camera in order to get just the right photos.


  • If you had two photographers imagine the great shots they could achieve as they walk around different parts of the room.
  • Your guests will not be disturbed by someone thrusting a camera in their face saying "cheese" and they may feel more at ease as the photographer will almost be invisible.


  • If your photographer isn't experienced enough he may miss out on some really excellent opportunities because he hasn't got the shutter speed right.
  • The photographer may not take requested shots.
  • The shots are natural to a degree but you may not get that cute shot of your small bridesmaid and pageboy hand in hand on the dance floor.
  • Will you get those key photos of the Bride showing her garter or the Groom and the Best Man shaking hands?
  • Your album may look a little 'messy' with no real structure.

Formal or Traditional (Portraiture)Wedding Photography

Nothing looks nicer in a wedding album than a photograph of the complete wedding party and the guests. In some weddings that are on the large size this may not always be possible but there are always the traditional shots of the Bride and Groom with their respective families. Your photographer should be able to group everyone together and keep them at ease while ensuring that when the photo is developed the smiles are natural and are not taken with gritted teeth.


  • It is considered traditional to have everyone together in the same shot and something to treasure as large families are not always in the same room at the same time very often.
  • Special effects can be added to some of the photos changing the mood of the shot.
  • The majority of the shots taken are literally picture perfect.
  • The photographs of the Bride and Groom, usually taken after the ceremony will be very romantic.


  • Less time could be spent with your guests.
  • Some traditional photos might appear to be cheesy when placed in the album.
  • These photos are quite posed rather than natural.
  • You may miss out on shots during the reception of people enjoying themselves.
  • You may not get as many photographs from the day as it takes time to set up just one photo.

Photo Journalism

This is a wonderful 'story' that the photographer tells about your special day. The photographs will include close ups of special items such as your bouquet or your wedding rings, there will be pictures of the various locations for your ceremony and reception, perhaps a photograph of the car that will take the Bride to the church and of course pictures of your guests enjoying the day.


  • The photos will truly tell a story from the moment you woke up till the time you left the reception.
  • You will have many photographs to choose from when compiling your album.


  • It could be quite an expensive option due to the amount of photos taken.
  • There may not be the traditional posed shots for your album.

If you can, why not choose all the options above and get a real mix of photographs for your album? Once the photos have been taken, the photographer can change some of the photographs that go into the album and make them appear dramatic or more romantic by adapting them into black and white for instance or tinting them somehow.

If you also had a pre-wedding photo shoot, it might be nice to combine the styles.

Do You Have a Preference for your Wedding Photography?

You should ask yourself how you would describe the style of your wedding as this will effect your decision as to the style of photography you want. Consider the following questions before you make your choice:

  • Is it informal and relaxed or is it a traditional and formal wedding?
  • When looking through your album, do you want to see people laughing and drinking or do you want to gaze at a stunning photo of you and your partner under a willow tree?
  • Who is attending your wedding, is it mainly friends or will more family be present?
  • Will having to pose all day be a strain for you and your guests?

Hopefully this advice will provide you with a little more information on the style of photography that you might consider for your wedding. Be sure to discuss all your options with your chosen photographer in great detail to ensure that you are both happy!