Liz Taylor and Richard Burton - 1964

Monday 16th March 1964

liz taylor and richard burtonElizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton are one of those rare couples who share a deep and eternal love for each other yet managed to spend both of their marriages in a constant verbal and physical battle.

The couple who were soon to be named the 'royalty of movie kingdom' first met and fell in love while filming Cleopatra in 1963 when Elizabeth was a 30 year old starlet and already on her forth marriage.

The world was soon to learn of their love for each other and it was not long before Elizabeth was seen wearing a stunning emerald and diamond brooch which Richard had given her for an engagement present.

While Richard Burton was appearing in Hamlet the couple made an unannounced journey to Montreal and surprised the world by getting married at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

This first wedding and probably the most important wedding was held in Montreal on March 15th 1964.  The very low key ceremony with the exchanging of vows was said in front of only nine friends and Reverend Leonard Mason who was the only member of the clergy willing to associate himself with the couple who between them had left behind a total of five broken marriages.

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Empire Style Chiffon Dress

The bride wore a designer empire style chiffon dress in daffodil yellow.  White hyacinths and lily of the valley flowers adored her hair in a wrap around style finished off with a chignon coil.  Elizabeth's outfit was finished off with the emerald and diamond broach that was her engagement gift from Richard.

After the ceremony which was Elizabeth's fifth wedding and Richards second Burton said "Elizabeth Burton and I are very, very happy."

The couple's private life was never to be the same again and at times it was this part of their lives that was given more press then their movie roles.

The extravagance of Elizabeth and Richard knew no bounds with a combined income of $88 million in the 1960's alone they easily spend $65 million during the same period.

Diamonds, drug and alcohol abuse, spending, divorce and remarrying again was to hound this couple year after year and dazzle the public with whatever chapter was next in their lives.

A brief but telling description of a couple very much in love, devoted to each other and to their careers, having an intimate wedding despite the attentions of the tabloid press.

Now weddings that hit the headlines are regulated by spreads in popular gossip magazines, besieged by celebrity-hunting photographers, and generally treated as a circus to tickle our tired palettes. Almost fifty years ago the talk was snappy and didn't labour the point of the couples past; the gossip was mentioned and left for the public to imagine the rest.'

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'It will be some time before the couple have a honeymoon.' It was reported in the Daily Mirror of the time as Burton's Hamlet was being transferred to Broadway.

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