Green Wedding

green weddingThe Government is slowly but surely starting to drag the issue of the environment to the top of the political agenda, encouraging us all to look at how we can reduce our own individual carbon-footprint on the planet.

It would be fair to say that for many bride and grooms a 'green wedding' is probably the last thing on their mind when it comes to planning the wedding. However, having a green wedding isn't as time consuming and expensive as some people might think.

You can have peace of mind knowing that you have thought about the environment and kept the carbon footprint of your wedding to an absolute minimum - starting your new life together on a good foorting for the future.

Green Wedding Planning

For those of you who are more envrionmentally conscious, here are a few tips which can help you to have an envrionmentally friendly wedding without the guilt associated with depleting the ozone layer.

  • Source supplies for your wedding locally.
  • Host the wedding ceremony and reception all in one venue.
  • Choose a venue which has good transportation links so that guests can leave their car at home and take the train or bus instead. Alternatively hire a coach or minibus to take your guests, otherwise encourage guests to car share.
  • Arrive at the church/venue in a horse drawn carriage, pedicab (bike-drawn carriage) or electric car.
  • Honeymoon in the UK
  • Have a fair-trade gift list or ask guests to donate to a chosen charity.
  • Revamp your mothers or grandmothers wedding dress or perhaps purchase a brand-new designer wedding dress straight off the catwalk, generously donated by the designer to Oxfam.
  • Use biodegradable confetti or bird seed.
  • Send out wedding invitations as e-cards and ask that guests RSVP via email, alternatively buy wedding stationary which has been made from recycled paper.
  • Any left over food should be composted.
  • Consider having a cold buffet as this will save on energy.
  • Purchase flowers which have been grow in the UK and are in season.
  • Use plants and natural objects for favours and table decorations to reduce on waste.
  • Find out what the wedding venues policy is on recycling materials such as glass and cans.
  • Ask supplies what measures they have introduced into their service to help reduce the amount of energy they consume.
  • Offset your carbon wedding and honeymoon by encouraging your guests to purchase carbon credits which will contribute to schemes such as the international tree planting programme or an energy saving project.

The more you are able to incorporate these ideas into your wedding the less of a negative impact you will have on our environment.

For further information on climate change you can visit the Climate Care webite >>


If you have took steps to have an environmentally friendly wedding we would love to hear from you, so that we can place details here and maybe give inspiration to others!