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Groom - Shirt, Suit & Tie Coordination

Every Bride wants her Groom to find just the right outfit that will compliment the wedding and of course every Groom wants to look 'dapper' for his Bride-to-be so choosing the perfect look is something that takes a lot of consideration.

Once the outfit has been decided upon, it still takes some preparation to get that look just right and hopefully this advice will help a Groom to prepare!

Whatever your style and choice of attire, there are different ways to ensure you get those crisp lines down the trouser leg and avoid any creases that may look unsightly on the day. Below are some helpful tips to get you started.

How to Match a Wedding Suit with a Tie and Shirt

For those Grooms-to-be who struggle with matching up their colours, this might be something you ask for advice on, especially from your Bride-to-be as she might have a lot to say about what colour tie you should wear etc. Everyone has differing opinions about what colour goes with another colour so the first thing you should check is the colour coordination of your wedding theme and work from there.

  • When trying to match your outfit together, pick the suit first and then match the shirt and tie together.
  • Most suits will coordinate easily with a white shirt but if your suit is patterned or striped, stay away from striped or patterned shirts.
  • Avoid choosing a patterned shirt along with a patterned tie. If either of the articles are patterned then it is best to stick to a solid colour for the other item. This is not always the case however if the shirt and tie have stripes on them, as long as they are not exactly the same size of stripes then there is a possibility of matching them together.
  • Try to match your shirt colour from a colour within your patterned tie and vice versa.
  • When choosing your cufflinks, silver or even plain metallic ones are usually a safer option than going for gold.
  • Ensure that your items of clothing are measured to fit you and this includes your tie. A tall Groom will have a comical look should he arrive in a tie that is too short for his frame.

Most men who own a suit will have a dark one that comes out of the cupboard on the odd occasion, there is nothing wrong with utilising this suit if it is in good condition and it can of course look just as attractive once a splash of colour is added. Below are a few coordinating colours which could match well together but may not be to everyone's taste:

  • Blue and Yellow.
  • Burgundy and Cream.
  • Gold and Blue.
  • Green and White.
  • Pink and Navy.
  • Red and Blue.
  • Tan and Brown.

It is all about complimenting and not overdoing the colours and patterns. Of course one easy option would be to hire your suit and you could then be provided with all of the 'correct' shirts and ties that match your suit and of course that compliment your skin tone and hair colour.