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wedding speech helpIf you are reading this then you probably have a speech to write.

If you're like most of the best men and grooms we know you probably either don't know where to start, or have started and perhaps given up.

You can find lots of advice about 'how' to write the speech, but let's be honest - you don't want advice, you want a speech.

Fortunately, Wedding Chaos can help.  Read on.

Let Us Help You

Do you want more than a really good speech? Maybe what you want is a fantastic speech. A brilliant speech. A remarkable speech. A speech that will quite simple blow your guests (and your bride) away. A speech that everybody will always refer to as THE BEST speech they have ever heard at a wedding.

We are talking serious quality here.

This is not a cheap option. If you are on a budget then the Wedding Chaos Instant Speech is the solution for you. This is for those that deem their speech as important as your outfit, your ring or the car you hire to get the bride to the church.

If you want your speech to live as long as the photos then this is the one for you.

wedding speeches helpThe details..

  • Your investment is £350.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee. You either get the perfect speech or your money back.
  • We talk to you on the phone for around 20 minutes - at a time convenient to you.
  • We write a first draft.
  • Within 7 days we send this to you (tell us if you need it quicker!)
  • You say 'Thanks - it's brilliant!' (as 4 out 5 people do), or,
  • You ask us to make changes, or completely change the tone.
  • We send the revision back to you.
  • This process continues until you are 100% happy.

You also get our documents on how to deal with wedding hecklers and how to deliver the perfect speech for free.

The service is professional and anonymous. Nobody will ever know you have used a professional speechwriter. You can pay with Paypal or by Debit or Credit card. If you really need to we can also accept bank transfer and cheque payment.

If you would like to see a real life speech we have written, just ask us.

Remember, we use experienced and professional writers. They know their stuff. They will deliver. If they don't, we refund your money.

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If you dont want a fully personalised speech consider downloading the Wedding Chaos INSTANT Speech Package