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Wedding Cravat and Wedding Tie - Tie the Knot

Many believe the necktie was first worn by the Egyptians and the army of the First Emperor of China. During this time the necktie was seen very much as a symbol of social status.

However it wasn’t until the 17th Century that the necktie really took off as a fashion accessory.

Croatian soldiers fighting for King Louis XIV of France took part in a victory parade in Paris. The soldiers wore brightly coloured silk scarves around their necks as part of their uniform. The French called the scarves cravates a derivation of the word Croat.

King Louis XIV took a fancy to the scarves and started a fashion trend amoung the Royal and aristocratic.

Today the cravat is very much a part of the fashion wardrobe of the groom if he has choosen to wear a traditional morning suit, however it is widely accepted if the groom should prefer a more contemporary look he may wish to opt for the necktie.

Whether its the cravat or the necktie you choose its important to be able to tie the knot. So heres a step-by-step guide to achieiving the perfect knot.

How to Tie a Tie

The are eighty-five possible knots which can be produced using a conventional tie although only four knots are commonly used which include the Windsor Knot, the Half Windsor Knot, the Four-in-Hand knot and Pratt or Shelby.

Pratt or Shelby

How to tie a
Windsor Knot

  windsor tie

How to tie a
Pratt or Shelby Knot

half windsor tie

How to tie a
Half Windsor Knot

  Pratt or Shelby How to tie a
Four-in-Hand Knot
bow tie How to tie a
Bow Tie
  Pratt or Shelby How to tie a


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