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Belly Dancing Hen Night

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Belly Dancing is a great way for you to release your inner being through dance. It will also give you and your girlfriends an opportunity to have lots of fun.

Anyone can learn to belly dance, whatever their shape or size, and because Middle Eastern dance has not been codified as have other forms of dance such as ballet, it is very much an improvised art form.

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The sensuous rhythmical movement of the hips, pelvic and abdomen offers belly dancers a great way to stay supple and trim.

This should be music to the ears of the novice and a perfect way to spend your hen night with friends.

Go on let your hair down and let the music take control!

The Origins of Belly Dance

Belly dance is known by many other names including Middle Eastern Dance, Oriental Dance, Arabic Dance and Dance of the East. The origins of the dance are widely disputed and as a consequence there have been many theories which have been put forward.

  • Many believe it forms part of the traditional exercises young girls were taught to strengthen their abdominal muscles in preparation for pregnancy.
  • The dance could have descended from ancient fertility dances practised by the travelling Romani (gypsy) groups.
  • The dance could have descended from dances practised by the Ancient Egyptians. Many believe this is supported by the similarity between the poses of the Egyptian artwork and that of the modern dance moves.
  • The dance may have originated from Greece, migrating with each conquest of Alexander the Great.
  • Or, could it have descended from the religious dance practised by Temple Priestesses.

The Name 'Belly Dance'

The name Belly Dance was in fact a term used by the American events promoter Sol Bloom, in 1893 in order to increase the public awareness of Arabic Dance at the World Fair being held in Chicago. It's believed Sol Bloom may have come up with the term on hearing the French phrase 'dans du ventre' - dance of the stomach.

The Victorians found the dance far too provocative for their liking and as a result the dance for many years would receive a negative press. This was not helped by some of the dancers who preformed to Westerns wearing revealing costumes, a practice which did not take place in the religious and conservative countries from which the dance originated.

However it is the scandal and misconception which still surrounds Belly Dance which attracts so many people particularly from the west to want to try and learn the art form.

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