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Hen Party in Amsterdam

amsterdam windmillAmsterdam is a beautiful, picture postcard city and has been attracting hedonism in all its forms for many years. 

Most of its main attractions are within walking distance or, a short tram ride away, from the city center making it very popular for tourists. The home of the laid back coffee shop, comedy clubs, international cuisine, lively bars, fashionable clubs, history and art, all surrounded by a very friendly culture and breathtaking scenery.

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No wonder that it is becoming ever more popular as a hen party destination!  Which bride wouldn't want to spend a few days with her chosen few, surrounded by the beauty and culture of this city by day and 'party to the max' at night with its offering of fascinating and lively nighttime activities.

Hen parties can be booked with an agent who can provide a set itinerary and price per person, or some brides may chose to plan their own travel and activities themselves, providing their party with a totally personalised experience.

Getting to Amsterdam

  • By flights - depending where in the UK you will be flying from the price of a return ticket will be anything from £60 to £200, depending on when you are flying and the airline you are flying with.
  • By train - Euro star will cost you around £89 for a return ticket.
  • Rail and Ferry - The Dutch flyer by Stena Line offers a rail and ferry service which departs from any National Express East Anglia station from £29 for single travel.
  • By coach - from as little as £15 one way.

Accommodation in Amsterdam

Prices for accommodation can suit any budget.  The internet is an excellent way of viewing the accommodation available and its prices.  From budget to luxury hotels, the choice is endless.

Things to Do / Places to Visit in Amsterdam

There are a huge amount of places to visit and activities to take part in within Amsterdam, here are just a few ideas to get you thinking.

Take a canal cruise

Amsterdam is famous for its canals, which are arguably its most charming feature.  Taking a cruise along its criss-crossing waterways offers unique views of dozens of spectacular sights such as the 17th century mansions, humpbacked bridges, quirky houseboats and stunning architecture ranging from medieval to modern. All while enjoying a tranquil and peaceful mode of transport.  Sunset and night cruises are especially beautiful and this can be incorporated into your evening entertainment as you could cruise on a dining boat.

Visit a Museum

RijksmuseumThe city has more that 40 museums to visit, however the 'the big three' are:

  • The Rijksmuseum (pictured) .  This features a magnificent selection of Dutch paintings from the Golden Age and historical artifacts.
  • Van Gogh Museum - exhibiting paintings and drawings by Vincent van Gogh.
  • Anne Frank House - the hiding place and home of Anne Frank during the Second World War, trying to evade the SS.  It is within these extraordinary confines that she writes her famous diary which, when published, affected millions of people around the world.

There are several unique and unusual museums to visit such as the Museum Vorlik which shows preserved human remain in jars!, De Poezenboot which is a floating cat sanctuary for Amsterdam's stray cats, and not forgetting the famous Sex Museum to name but a few.

Experience the Café Culture

Why not spend time watching the world go by in one of Amsterdam's many cafés.  Café culture is a big part of the Amsterdam experience as they are to the Dutch what pubs are to the British and are a place where people and friends meet up to have a hot drink, glass of beer or house wine and relax, chat and enjoy the company and its surroundings.

Walk all around the city

Due to Amsterdam being a compact city it is easy, and meant to be walked.  There are over 1000 bridges to cross, stunning architecture to see and hours of pleasurable time to be had enjoying the sights and stopping off in as many cafes for breaks along the way as you please.

See the City by bike

amsterdam bikesBy far the quickest way to get around Amsterdam and a way of life in the Netherlands is by bike.

Biking is a very viable option to view the City and this mode of transport is much safer than in the UK with dedicated bike lanes and routes. 

Shopping in Amsterdam!

Amsterdam is known for its diverse retail options from first rate second hand stores and specialty food shops to stylish boutiques, as well as an array of shopping areas and open air markets.

Tulips in Amsterdam

The Keukenhof flower gardens near Amsterdam are the place to visit if you love tulips.  It is only open for two months in the spring so all of its colour and splendor are crammed into a few short weeks.

Forward Planning your Hen Party in Amsterdam

For those brides that want their itinerary planned for them, they just want to turn up and have everything arranged leaving them to totally let their hair down and enjoy their time with their friends there are several options available to choose from.  There are many tour operators that are offering one, two or three nigh stays in Amsterdam and their package will include transport, daytime entertainment, night time entertainment and accommodation.  Prices can range from £80 per person for a one night stay to £200 plus for a three night stay. 

Some options include:

  • Panoramic city tours
  • Pampering days
  • Pole dancing lesions
  • Striptease workshops
  • Pure party, visiting all the top nightclubs
  • Attend a Drag Queen dinner
  • Ladies Go-Carting
  • Cocktail making workshop

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amsterdam boatThe list is endless.  You can create a hen night individual to your party but there are some important dos and don'ts to remember, which are:

  • Do be alert for pickpockets
  • Don't be so worried about violent crime (pickpockets are about the most serious thing that could happen to you)
  • Do ask any police men that stop you for their ID as there are gangs that pose as police men in order to stop, talk to you, and distract you whilst picking your pocket or stealing your belongings.
  • Do not buy drugs on the street as they will most likely be bad.
  • Do greet assistants on entering and leaving shops as the Dutch consider it rude to just wander in and out.
  • Do not urinate in the streets as you will receive a fine.
  • Do not drink alcohol on the streets as this is against the law.
  • Do not walk in the bike lane
  • Do not let your parking meter expire as this may be a costly mistake!
  • Do not take pictures of the prostitutes in the red-light district as this may get you into trouble.

Amsterdam is an amazing city and a perfect place to visit on a hen party.  Your party can enjoy the culture, beauty and nightlife in abundance and will most definitely leave Amsterdam with memories of a fantastic time, and that's even before the wedding day.  This hen party will be talked about for years to come and recommended to all!

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