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Pole Dancing Hen Night

pole dancingThe art form of pole dancing has undergone a dramatic change in its fortunes as it has now developed into a fitness craze. With the likes of celebrities such as Kate Moss, Kylie Minogue, Zoe Ball and Sadie Frost popularising the art form.

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As a result it has moved away from the underground scene and has become very much a mainstream activity, so much so that many pole dancing schools are now offering pole dancing parties for hen groups.

So if you are looking for something to really get your hen party started then why not have all the girls learn to pole dance.

The lessons will be a great way to:

  • Build up your self confidence
  • Break the ice
  • Make you feel sexy
  • Provide you with a great workout
  • Make your girlfriends have fun
  • Be a talking point for years to come
  • Allow you to be more creative with your partner in the bedroom...

With all these benefits you'll want to give pole dancing a go. Go on be a devil!

A Brief History of Pole Dancing

When people think of pole dancing many associate it with women dancing around poles in seedy night clubs for the entertainment of men. However many would argue and rightly so that pole dancing is in actual fact an exotic performance art.

The humble beginnings started in the strip clubs of Canada in the 1980's. Although many believe pole dancing owes its roots to early art forms such as:


The 12th century Indian sport of Mallakhamb can be translated as 'gymnast's pole' is practised by men and boys with wooden poles and by women and girls on rope.


The Mallastambha is a metallic pole also known as 'stambha'  mostly made of iron which wrestlers 'malla' use to help them exercise.

Chinese Pole

This vertical steel pole allows circus performers to demonstrate awesome acrobatic tricks.

This art form has been popularised by the wonderful Cirque Du Soleil.

May Pole Dancing

May Pole dancing was a practice celebrated in England during the late 1700's among Pagans.

It's quite possible all the early art forms contributed in some way to help create what we know as Pole dancing.

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