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Hen Night Themes

Spending the night getting drunk in a nightclub somewhere might not be the rememberable hen night that the bride-to-be has in mind.  The organiser of the hen night, if this is not the bride, should consider the bride's feelings and interests every time an idea is formed or discussed. 

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Planning an activity or a theme that everyone can enjoy could turn the hen party into an evening or a weekend that will definitely be talked about and remembered.

Party the Night Away

Choosing a party theme takes time, planning and of course creativity.  Following are a few ideas of possible themes for an amazing hen party:

  • Angels: A very popular choice as the women can choose from a wide variety of halos and fluffy wings.  If you wish, you can make the theme just that little bit saucier by adding short skirts or even wearing black halos and wings instead of the traditional white ones.
  • Jungle Animals: Pussy cats, tigers or even bunny girls are a real favourite for the animal theme parties.  Be creative and perhaps you can have everyone dress up as a completely different animal.
  • Burlesque or Moulin Rouge: Everyone can wear as little or as much as they want with this theme, and doesn't everyone want to wear fishnet stockings at some point?
  • Casino or Bingo: A notable difference between spending an evening at the bingo club and in a casino somewhere but everyone has their preferences.  Perhaps you could spread your hen night out over an afternoon and include both venues.
  • Catholic School Girl: As an alternative to the religious theme, why not take the school girl theme to the next level with the traditional catholic plaid skirt and white knee socks.  And don't forget about the bubble gum!
  • Cocktail Mixing: Learn how to make yours or your partner's favourite cocktails.  Be sure everyone is aware of who will be buying the bride-to-be the cocktail shaker though!
  • Comedy Club: When a group of girls get together there is usually a fit of giggles at some point during the evening, so why not start off with a good laugh by watching someone meant to make you smile.
  • Cowgirls & Indians:  Cowboy hats with boots or feathers and plaits, whatever your choice, why not allocate someone to be the sheriff before you walk into the bar!  They could be the person who is the designated driver, the money holder or even the person who dreams up the forfeits.
  • Eras & Decades:  Pick an era such as the sixties or the eighties and let your imagination go wild with your costumes.  Dig deep into your wardrobe, or even your mother's cupboard to find the perfect outfit.
  • Fairytale Princess: Similar to the angel theme but with fairy wings, wands and stunning party dresses.  Or perhaps you could pick your favourite Disney Princess and dress up as Belle or even Cinderella.
  • Fire Engine Limo: Let the hunky fireman (complete with fire engine) take you on a hot night out on a pub crawl.  Spend a few hours inside the fire engine going from place to place with a glass of champagne and waiting as onlookers as everyone looks when a fire engine passes by!
  • Harem Nights or Belly Dancing: Another theme where anyone can be as extravagant or as simple as they feel comfortable with, not just with the costumes but with the dance moves too.
  • L Plates: The learner plate is usually worn by the bride-to-be but why stick with tradition when everyone in the party can wear one.
  • Medieval or Maid Marion: Try dressing up as a woman from the Middle Ages, from a noble woman or a scullery maid, or use a Robin Hood type theme and get everyone to dress similar to Maid Marion.
  • Military: No reason why the girls can't dress up as pilots or soldiers.
  • Musicals or Films: Perhaps the bride has a favourite actor and the theme could be their most famous role for instance.  Grease would be an amazing choice with the scarfs around the neck, the cropped trousers and why not go extra mad and have the 'pink lady' jackets.
  • Nurses (or Doctors): Out come the stethoscopes and the short nurses' outfits, enough to make any patient tremble.
  • Pole Dancing Lessons: If you want to mix fun with a little exercise then this is for you. 
  • Policewoman: Uniform, hat, truncheon and even handcuffs, accessories for a party that will definitely attract attention, especially if you opt for the pink Policewoman option. 
  • Religious: Each party goer has the option to dress up as a nun, complete with habit or even a monk if they prefer.
  • Singers & Pop Stars:  Pretend to be your favourite singer or how about splitting your party into groups where each group dresses up as a band?  This would be a great opportunity to mix your theme with a karaoke night.
  • Toga:  Become a Greek goddess such as Amphitrite, Aphrodite, Calypso, Harmonia, Hera or Nemesis.  Under garments are a definite must for the evening, not just for any accidental loss of toga sheets but also for warmth.

You can purchase accessories for any theme that you choose from fancy dress shops, online or even from your local supermarket.

Going Away for a Weekend

What better than a girl's weekend away to celebrate the upcoming nuptials for a friend.  Following are just a few ideas to consider:

  • Bath Spa: Surround yourselves in luxury with beauty treatments, relaxing massages and some breathtaking scenery.
  • City visits:  Spend a few days in a big city such as London or Paris and enjoy the sights and the culture around you.  If you prefer somewhere hot, jump on a plane to Benidorm or Cyprus and relax on a hot beach.
  • Riverboat Cruise: Hire a barge for the day or take a weekend away and sail around the Mediterranean somewhere on a luxury cruise.
  • Sporting Events: These are usually considered more by the Stag party but, while not everyone will be up for these types of activities, you might find one event that people will at least have a go at.  There are plenty to choose from including abseiling; archery; assault courses; driving; fishing; paintballing; racing; rock climbing; shooting and various water sports.

Wherever you decide to go, be it Amsterdam, Blackpool, Dublin, Ibiza or London, ensure that you all stick together as much as possible, safety in numbers as they always say!

Planning the Events

The organiser of the Hen party or weekend has a big job to do.  He or she must ensure that everyone has a good time (most importantly the bride-to-be), they are not left out of any of the planning and that everyone is aware of what will be happening.  They should consider:

  • Be aware of where you are and what you have planned as you do not want to offend anyone.
  • Check with the venue about the theme costumes you have chosen, they may have a ruling against wearing something in particular.
  • Choose someone reliable to hold onto any 'kitty' money for the evening.
  • Don't forget your cameras.
  • For anyone hiring costumes or accessories for the night, remind them that they can get personal insurance in case anything is lost.
  • Keep everyone abreast of any jokes that will be played on the hen.
  • Lots of advance notice for events or any changes will be appreciated by all.
  • Make sure you check the availability for all concerned.
  • Not everyone will attend the activities but you can't please everyone.
  • Run the guest list by the bride-to-be and make sure she is happy with it, unless of course it is a surprise.
  • Stick to any budgets you are given.
  • Subject to availability, set the hen night well in advance of the wedding day to avoid any dishevelled looks in the church or any lasting effects from drinking too much.
  • To avoid boredom, keep the fun spread out over the evening.

In order to plan the best weekend possible, research all avenues available to you.  Ask your friends and family for ideas, look online and most importantly, ask the bride if there is anything specific she wants including in the party.

Spice it Up a Little

You will be a group of women, out on the town, some who haven't seen each other for quite a while and a bride-to-be who wants to let her hair down before her big day.  What better way to make a hen night more interesting than to add some dares or forfeits into the evening's events?

Hen Night Forfeits

Keep forfeits simple to understand, low costings and within the boundaries, and of course safe.  Some ideas to consider include:

  • Act as a living statue in a highly visible place (perhaps on the dance floor stage) and take directions from your friends.
  • Allocate a silly name for everyone in the party which you should use throughout the evening.  Anyone forgetting to use the silly name will have to do a forfeit.
  • Can you persuade a man to believe that you too were once a man?
  • Can you take off some of your underwear without going out of the room or without anyone noticing?
  • Draw up a load of forfeits before hand and place them in a handbag and each time someone diverts from a 'rule' for the evening, they are to pick one out of the bag and complete the forfeit shown.
  • Find a man in uniform and kiss him.
  • Find a man with a certain name and try to get his phone number from him.  Be sure to test the number out to make sure it is not a fake number.
  • Find the youngest man in the room and saucily whisper in his ear.
  • Get double points for kissing twins or two brothers.
  • Make up a silly dance or a specific song that has to be done if a name or a song is shouted out by the group during the evening.
  • See if you can get a stranger to buy you, and your friends, a drink.
  • Set a time limit for the forfeiter to collect various items from around the room.
  • Try to place a condom over the top of a bottle with your mouth.

Remember that the party will consist of different age groups and some will be comfortable with the forfeits while others will not even contemplate them.  Also, make sure that everyone is aware of the boundaries.

There are plenty of card games available for you to purchase or even books that will give you plenty of ideas on dares and forfeits, ensuring the safety and comfort (for the most part) of everyone involved.

If you can't find a game to fit your requirements or perhaps the ones you have found are not spicy enough for your party, why not consider making up your own forfeits.

Rules and Tips for Hen Night Forfeits

  • Be sure not to push any jokes too far, these things are meant to be fun not painful.
  • Contact guests and inform them what they should bring and what their outfits should include.
  • Ensure that information given is on a need to know basis.
  • Make sure all guests have warned their partners not to suddenly show up.  If you are having the hen and stag do on the same evening in the same town the likelihood is that you may bump into one another but if planned correctly, this won't happen, and if it does, it is not the end of the world, just be sure to drag the hen and stag away from each other!
  • Plan the pranks or forfeits ahead of time rather than act on impulses.

The biggest rule for a hen night of course is that whatever happens on the night stays with the party goers!

Good planning and preparation for a hen night will definitely ensure success.  Introduce as much fun into the evening as possible without over the top wildness and it will defiantly be one to remember.

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