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Hen Weekend – Driving Activities

racing driverNot every bride wants to celebrate their hen weekend with a few days pampering or a meal with friends with a night out clubbing.   Some brides, and their friends, might enjoy the rush of a completely thrilling experience of a driving activity.

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Women drivers are always getting a rough deal when they are referred to but in fact, women drivers are actually safer drivers on paper than men are, so why shouldn't a woman's weekend away involve driving through the mud and over terrains that they wouldn't normally drive around?   

These are not terrains where you would be able to drive your own car around, and if you are the sort of person who enjoys driving fast, and slightly erratically, then this will defiantly be something you will enjoy. 

The surrounding areas will be designed specifically for the activity you choose.  Terrains used will include forests, small hills and ditches, quarries and man made obstacles and it might be very wet on the day you attend so prepare yourself for getting a bit muddy!  It will be bumpy whatever you chose so probably not a good idea to wear your skimpiest thongs! 

You will receive advice on the safety features of the vehicles and how you should conduct yourself when driving as no one wants you to behave immaturely, not when safety is concerned.   Your advisors and escorts will enable your experience to be controlled and safe but a most enjoyable one.

Following are a few ideas that you may want to look into:

  • go kart4x4 Driving:  This off road activity will take you around muddy slopes and into watery puddles and will make you feel just like a Top Gear driver.
  • Blindfold Driving: Similar to the 4x4 experience but imagine the rush you could feel, being completely blindfolded while someone guides you over the rough terrain in a large car.  This is team work at its best; there is not just the one person in control of the car but the driver and the instructors.
  • Go Karting:  Driving these high speed karts can be done inside or outside.
  • Grass Karting: Very similar to go karting but over grass instead of mud or dirt and with much more sliding around.
  • Honda Pilot Buggies:  These buggies have a top speed of nearly 60 miles per hour and are great for team racing.
  • Hover crafting: Quite unusual but definitely something different.  These hard to control machines will be a real challenge to those who think they can rise to it.
  • JCB Driving: These excavators are the ultimate beast to drive.
  • Mini Motos:  These very small mini motorbikes look like something a two year old should be driving and probably involve a certain amount of suppleness.
  • Mud Buggies:  Hopefully you will be provided with waterproofs during this activity as it is going to be very wet and muddy.  These buggies are very low to the ground and are extremely bouncy, which adds excitement to the ride of course. 
  • Quad Biking:  These four wheeled vehicles are great for driving through the muddy tracks and are smaller and therefore easier to control than the 4x4's.
  • Rally Driving:  Become a real speed demon in these specially modified cars where you can really see how fast you can drive around a timed track or obstacle course.
  • Stock Cars: Racing cars, usually around a cement track or road course.
  • Tank Driving: Not everyone gets the opportunity to drive this type of military vehicle so if this is your choice, grab your camouflage stick and enjoy the thrill of controlling such a massive and powerful vehicle.
  • Tractor Driving: Instead of being stuck behind one, get the chance to drive these huge monsters.

Plenty of Options

There are plenty of driving activities available for a bride to be and her friends to enjoy all over the country.  It is just a matter of finding the right one at the right location.  This of course is not the sort of activity that everyone in the hen party will enjoy, so you must bear this in mind when looking around for ideas.  You could of course incorporate a day's driving with an evening out clubbing to make sure everyone enjoys themselves.

Be sure to look into the insurance cover that the venue offers as well as the age limits and restrictions on height or weight etc. 

Whichever driving activity you decide on, the location will have all the facilities that you will need, such as the right vehicles, the correct safety equipment and sometimes even extra clothing for you to wear (i.e. helmets, overalls, gloves and in some cases boots).  It might be an idea though to take some old clothing along with you for the activities, ensure they are warm and you do not mind them getting dirty and make sure you take along a good and comfy pair of shoes or boots.

Oh, and don't forget your camera!  Everyone will want to see the muddy smiles on your faces and you will want to remember your hen weekend for a long time.

Safety during these experiences is of course paramount but I can think of nothing better than feeling the wind rushing over the small hairs on your arms, getting your adrenaline running and your heart beating faster with excitement will definitely make you feel alive and exhilarated.  Just what you need to feel great about yourself before your special day.

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