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Pampering Hen Party

pampering eyesYour wedding has been planned for months and before you know it the day is fast approaching and after all the stress, time and effort leading up to it you can now find time to relax and enjoy your hen night.

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With so many choices on what to do and where to go and should it be a day or weekend event your head may be spinning on which one is the best for you and your hens.

If you find that you don't want to or your budget does not run into a weekend away and a night on the town does not appeal to you so much and you would prefer something more relaxing, yet at the same time help get both your mind and body ready for your big day, then a pampering party may be just what you are looking for.

Pampering Hen Party Growing in  Popularity

Pampering parties are fast become popular for a good old 'get together' with great friends to relax the night away with a few nibbles and drinks while indulging in soothing massages and all over body beauty treatments.

Companies are springing up all over the UK offering at home pampering parties with a wide choice of treatments available.

These parties once booked are in no way aimed towards sales or commissions and a fully qualified mobile therapist will arrive at your home armed with couches and whatever pampering treatments that will have already been decided on when booking.

Treatment and Timings

manicurePampering parties normally last from 3 to 4 hours depending on how many of you are attending and each individual treatment can take from 15 to 20 minutes.

Prices will depend on what treatments you will be having and do not be surprised if some companies ask for a payment of 50% of the total amount as a deposit while booking your party. (Always double check what the policy is on deposits.)

Some ideas of which treatments can be on offer are:

  • Pedicure.  Aromatherapy oils are used to give a luxury foot and leg massage and finished off with pedicure and polished toe nails.
  • Manicure. Nails are cut and shaped and hands massaged.  Nail polish is applied to finish off this treatment. 
  • Back Massage.  This treatment is aimed at deep sore and tired muscles to get rid of knots and tension points, giving your back, neck and shoulders that revived and energised feel.
  • Specialist Massage.  This technique will help stimulate and oxygenate your skin and help rebalance the mind and body.
  • Makeup.  Treat yourself to a full make up session using only top products such as Dior, Chanel and Estee Lauder.

To save you the trouble of rushing around asking friends and family members if they can attend and what treatments they want some companies will assign a representative to you and produce an online schedule for you and your hens to ensure it all goes as smooth as possible leading up to your party.

Day, Night or Weekends

Pampering parties are not only held in the evenings so if you wish to have an all day one you will still have time to go out in the evening for a different kind of fun.

If you feel you want the experience of being totally pampered for a whole weekend you can choose to go to a spa of their choosing or they will come to a hotel or cottage or wherever else you are going to be.

Your hen pampering party can be one of pure relaxation to help ease away tension and stress as well as fun, laughter and memories of a great night!

hen party