Joint Wedding

joint weddingMost couples that live together, but never get round to marrying, do so because they believe it’s too expensive to get marred. But I wonder if they had ever considered having a joint wedding?

Now, don’t just dismiss it from the off, and let‘s just consider this for a moment, as there are a number benefits.

Advantages to a joint wedding :

  • You get married sooner, as you share the costs with the other wedding couple
  • You can share your wedding experience with another couple close to you
  • You only need to find one venue, one photographer and so on
  • You share the workload involved in arranging the wedding
  • There are twice as many people to resolve problems
  • There are twice as many people to find good deals on everything you will need

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    Ok I’ve got to hold my hands up, I can think of a few disadvantages too.

    Disadvantages to a joint wedding :

    • You may have to make compromises
    • Your wedding day will not be as personal as your day is shared
    • You may have to limit the number of people you invite to your wedding
    • Organising tee photos and wedding video could br tricky if you want to isolate just your family and friends.

    The bottom line is if you don’t mind sharing your day with another wedding couple, and can approach a joint wedding as a practical way to tying the knot, then there is no reason you will not have a wonderful day with all the savings that go with it!

    Joint Weddings can Avoid Debt

    Often couples who are determined to marry as soon as possible are enticed by low cost loans, and all too often start married life in debt, with an ongoing struggle for years to get back on track, and often can’t get onto the property ladder.

    My husband and I spent five years saving long and hard for our wedding and the wait was worth every minute. At the end of the five years we had an incredible wedding and had saved enough for a deposit on a larger home.

    If you are keen to marry and you don’t feel you can wait, then why not seriously consider teaming up with another couple to hold a joint wedding.

    Bear in mind you will need to try and find a couple that are as like-minded as you and your partner. You will have to decide and reach agreement on issues such as the time and date, venue, number of guests and all the other things that need to be organised before your Big Day. Not to mention the very delicate question of who will walk down the aisle and take their wedding vows first….

    If you have any questions relating to the planning of your wedding why not visit our wedding forums and ask for help!

    If you have had a joint wedding we would love to hear from you, so that we can place details here and maybe give inspiration to others!

    "Hello, We are currently arranging a joint wedding in Italy for next year, i would recommend it to anyone, we were able to marry a year sooner than if we had to pay for the whole day alone. All the costs are halved which means you can really splash out on the little things that matter like favours, flowers music etc." Jenny Handley