Father of the Bride Duties

The father of the bride has the very important role of supporting his daughter on her wedding day. Here are some things you should aim to do on your daughters big day.

  • He must try and keep her nerves under control.
  • Help her in and out of the wedding transport without crushing her dress.
  • Get his daughter to the church on time.
  • Ensure other members of the bridal party get their wedding transport on time.
  • Walk her down the aisle.
  • Give his daughter away to her groom.
  • Traditionally pay for the wedding reception, although more and more couples are choosing to pay for all aspects of the wedding themselves.
  • Traditionally welcome the guests in a formal line to the wedding reception, although the bride and groom, the catering manager or the Master of Ceremonies are more commonly taking on this role.
  • Have the honour to make the first of the speeches after the meal at the reception.

What should a bride do if her father is unable to fulfill his duties?

It is not unusual for the bride can ask her brother, uncle or a close family friend to take on the responsibilities of the Father of the Bride.

Father of the Bride Speech Advice