Outfit for the Bride and Groom's Mother

mother of the brideBefore a wedding takes place there are always plenty of discussions between the families and guests about what they are going to wear on the day and what they should and shouldn't wear to avoid offending anyone or upsetting the Bride.

After the Bride, the mothers of the Bride and Groom are the women in the spotlight for their choice of attire on the day and this article will hopefully give some hints about the right way to choose your outfits!

Everyone has heard about the 'not wearing white' rule so as not to upstage the Bride-to-be but in some weddings, this is not always necessary as white is not always the traditional colour that the Bride wears in today's society.

The mother of the Bride and the mother of the Groom will feel just as much pressure as the Bride when choosing their outfits as they too will receive a lot of attention and possibly some direct comments about how lovely they look or compliments about what they are wearing etc; just the type of feedback that every woman loves to receive.

Traditional Etiquette

Traditionally, the Bride's mother should have her wedding outfit sorted before the Groom's mother decides on her colour scheme and outfit. It was usually considered correct if the Groom's mother also chose a dress that complimented the outfit of the Bride's mother so as to avoid any 'clashing' on the wedding photographs.

The length and style of the Bride's mother dress is also up for debate depending on the etiquette that is chosen, whether it is a formal or casual wedding but nowadays this is down to personal choice.

Both mothers' are usually provided with a corsage if appropriate.

Watch Out!

As well as the 'offence' of wearing white that families and guests have committed the world over, there are some other no no's that people, especially the mothers of the Bride and Groom should try to remember:

  • Always wear items of clothing that are appropriate to your age.
  • For a lot of traditional weddings, if you are the Bride or Groom's mother, wearing a black outfit (not the same as wearing a black pair of trousers or a skirt) is considered a bad choice.
  • The last thing any mother wants is to look 'frumpy' at their son or daughter's wedding so try to pick something reasonably fashionable.
  • Wherever possible, you must try never ever to upstage the Bride. That being said, the mother's should also try to remember that the day is not about upstaging each other.

Other Things to Consider

When choosing your outfit it might be worthwhile considering the following:

  • Are the Bridesmaids dresses being made by hand? Perhaps a similar outfit could be made for one or both of the mothers?
  • Both mothers should, if possible, talk to each other to discuss the outfits they will be wearing on the day.
  • Check if the Bride wants you to wear similar colours that match up with the wedding's theme. If she does, hopefully it will be a colour that suits you but if not, perhaps you could come to a compromise about a different shade.
  • Consider the season when the wedding is taking place, how much (or how little) should you wear and will your outfit keep you warm enough?
  • If you are wearing a hat, make your choice carefully.
  • If you think that you have the right accessories and your aim is to find the right dress or suit to go with them, it is important that you take them along to try on together.
  • Try to get plenty of advice about what suits you and what looks good on your body shape and remember to pay particular attention to your accessories.
  • Try to stick to a budget.
  • Whatever you do, do not leave your choice until the last minute. Give yourself plenty of time to make your decision and if you can, try on lots of alternatives.

As mother of the Bride or Groom, one of the most vital objects that you may need to carry with you is a packet of tissues, you are going to witness one of the most important days in your child's life and it can be an emotional and overwhelming time for everyone involved.

You will read plenty of advice about what is appropriate for the Bride's mother and the Groom's mother to wear but whatever your decision, your outfits should be comfortable and hopefully affordable.