Bridesmaids are traditionally close relations or friends from the bride or groom's family. On the day, they'll normally get ready at the bride's home with the rest of the party. They assist the Chief Bridesmaid with her duties wherever possible and they follow behind as the bride makes her entrance.

The Chief Bridesmaid is often responsible for the organising of the hen night. This can be split up into smaller jobs and the Chief Bridesmaid could delegate responsibility to each of the other bridesmaids.

Bridesmaids on the Wedding Day

On the wedding day if the bride and groom do not have any ushers then the bridesmaids could be used to take on their role. However it is important that if bridesmaids do take on the ushers duties they are given plenty of time to compose themselves, so they are ready to follow behind the bride as she walks down the aisle.

Have you been a Bridesmaid ?

Let us know what being a Bridesmaid was like, so that we can place details here and maybe give inspiration to others!

"I was a bridesmaid a couple of years ago for my bestmate even though i was cheif bridesmaid she prefered to do everything herself so my duties didnt hit till the weding day. my mate was and still is a very emotional person so i spent most of the time in the tolet with her fixing her make up." Michelle Harris

"I was a bridesmaid when I'd just turned 14 (I'm now 22 and enagaged myself) for my auntie-by-marriage. I was the only bridesmaid who wasn't related to the bride and her family shut me away in a room by myself for ages once I was ready - I was only 14 and very shy! But the rest of the wedding was amazing, especially the walk down the aisle! I can't wait for my own!" Laura

"I was a bridesmaid for my older sister 2 years ago and there was 10 bridesmaids! My 3 younger sisters, 4 nieces my two daughters and myself were all dressed in cream dresses and we arrived in pink F1 cars (a total of 11 F1 cats down the M55!) It was so amazing to be a bridesmaid, never mind the bride!" Bree Saunders

"My friend had some real problems with the seamstress doing the alterations and bridesmaid dresses to the point where the night before the wedding the bride and myself were up to 3am doing last minute alterations ourselves. We had to be at the salon at 7:30am for hair and makeup on 3 hours sleep! still it was a great day, looking at Vicki you could never tell the previous nights stresses and i think it just brought us even closer so i wouldnt change it for anything." Fiona Scally

"Myself and my older sister were bridesmaids for my oldest sister last year and loved every minute of it. It was such a privelage and honour to be asked and felt that it made my bond with my sisters even stronger. Within a week of my sisters wedding, my fiancee proposed to me and now it is my turn to plan my wedding!!" Lesley