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You feel honoured to be playing an important part in the Bride and Grooms big day but you're not sure what your role is and how best to carry out your duties. Why not check out our rough guide to all the major key players in the wedding party, so you'll be able to help take some of the stress away from the bride and groom.

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Best Man - how you can ensure the groom keeps his nerve on the wedding day, and ensures he's still in one piece after his stag party.

Bridesmaid - how best you can help the Chief Bridesmaid carry out her duties.

Father of the Bride - how you can help tame the nervous of the anxious bride.

Flower Girl - practice walking behind someone carrying some flowers or holding the trail of their dress.

Maid of Honour / Chief Bridesmaid - how you can best support the bride on her big day and ensure she has an unforgettable hen party.

Mother of the Bride - how to best support your daughter on her wedding day.

Page Boy - practice carrying some objects on a cushion or carrying the trail of a dress.

Ushers - how to ensure all guests are seated and attentive for the arrival of the bride.

Witness - be ready to sign the wedding certificate in your best handwriting.