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Stag Night Themes

Planning a stag night does not always involve the groom, most of the time the best man and/or the groomsmen will have some input into the planned activities. 

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Bearing in mind the hobbies and likes of the groom, the stag night should incorporate the groom's interests whether it be a night in the pub with friends and family or a wild night clubbing.

The Stag Party

Unless the groom is adamant about the type of stag party he wants, then the sky is the limit as to what theme you can choose.  There are loads of different themes, some of which include:

  • Animals/ Jungle: Everyone could dress as their favourite animal or you could have a theme such as a monkey party where people could come as different types of monkeys or apes.
  • Blues Brothers: Everyone is bound to look cool wearing the dark shades, hat and dark suit.  Probably not a good idea to wreck the same amount of cars that they did however.
  • Cartoon characters: You would have a wide variety to choose from here as everyone has their favourite ranging from He-Man to SpongeBob.
  • Casino: Get the white suits and hair gel out and start practicing the casino chip finger shuffle.
  • Clowns: This will certainly make you all look colourful but watch out for those big feet and car horns.  Pranks are funny until someone gets hurt!
  • Convicts: You will no doubt hear plenty of jokes about the wife-to-be being the old ball and chain so why not go with a theme to reflect this.
  • Cowboys & Indians: You may not have the forts or the tepees to play this game but you can definitely look the part in your feathers and stirrups.
  • Decades: Dress to a particular decade be it the sixties or the eighties, there is bound to be something of a different era hiding at the back of your wardrobe.
  • guy falkesDoctors: With no nurses around this theme might get a little boring for some but there will no doubt be plenty of offers throughout the night from willing volunteers who want you to check their heartbeat with your stethoscope.
  • Emergency Services: All little boys wanted to be a fireman or a policeman when they were little so why not try the outfits now.
  • Gangsters: Out come the shades again with the dark suits and not forgetting the Tommy guns.  Bring along some pies and make it a Bugsy Malone theme.
  • Gladiators: Dress in the traditional gladiator outfit and carry your fake spear.
  • Greek Gods/Toga:  Choose from Apollo, Hades, and Hermes, Poseidon or the king of the gods Zeus and wear your toga with pride.  It might be worth remembering to put some underwear underneath however in case your toga should fall off.
  • Halloween: Become your favourite serial killer or scary monster.
  • Hippies: The era of free love and peace with way out clothes, guitar playing and lots of bandanas.
  • James Bond: Once more the shades come out.  You could incorporate this dress up with the casino theme night or even with the secret agent weekend.
  • Medieval: This can be a weekend away involving chariots and jousting or a fancy dress party where you are dressed as a peasant or a noble.
  • Military: Whether you choose an Army, Navy or RAF outfit you are sure to impress.  Perhaps you could incorporate your combat theme (complete with war paint) into one of your weekend activities.
  • Mods & Rockers: Your party could be split into two groups to dress as these rival gangs of the sixties.
  • Pimp: You need to have a brightly coloured suit and a lot of bling to help set this role.
  • Pirates: Enjoy the chance to do some beer swilling and some rowdy rum filled singing while wearing your puffy sleeves, eye patch, parrot on the shoulder and your sword.
  • Pop Stars/Singers: Become your favourite pop star for the evening; is it Michael Jackson or maybe Elvis?
  • Priests/Monks: Wear the robes or dog collar but be sure to hire the monk's wig rather than shave your own hair, particularly if you are groom as the bride-to-be will definitely not appreciate your new look.
  • School Boys: Going back to school with the tatty boots and crooked ties.
  • Sports: You could dress in your favourite sporting outfit be it a football strip or a sumo wrestling belt.
  • Star Wars: Are you a Hans Solo or Jubaca?  Perhaps the party could all dress as storm troopers with the groom as Darth Vader.
  • Superheroes: Be your favourite superhero be it Batman, Superman or even Spiderman.  Not a good idea to be trying to jump tall buildings though.
  • The A Team: Split the party into teams and have a competition about who can dress up as the best A Team crew.

Stag Weekends Away

As well as plenty of different themes to choose from, you may prefer to have a complete change of scenery and go away for a whole weekend to celebrate.  This could involve a car or train journey to your destination or even a plane ride abroad.  There are plenty of weekend activities you could choose such as:

  • paintballingAbseiling/Rock Climbing: You can't be afraid of heights with this one; a good level of fitness is also required as the rock faces you climb will be steep and high.
  • Archery: Don't forget your peaked hat if you fancy playing at being Robin Hood for the day.
  • Assault Course/Team Building: You need to be fit to tackle the specially designed courses for these activities.
  • Clay Pigeon Shooting: Most men would like to shoot a big gun so why not see how good your aim is, especially with a moving target.
  • Comedy Clubs: Have a laugh and see your favourite comedian.
  • Driving: So many activities to choose from including blindfold driving, go-karting, quad bike trekking, rally driving and tank driving.
  • Fishing: Bring home the catch of the day whether your activity is by the side of a lake or on a boat.
  • Highland Games: Try your hand at tossing the caber, bagpipe playing or even the welly hurling.
  • Lap Dancing: While most stag guests will enjoy this, it can become rather expensive.
  • Paintballing: Not everyone will enjoy this messy, and sometimes painful, sport but if you want a good laugh this is a good choice.
  • Racing: A day out at the horses or the dogs is usually fun for everyone.
  • Water sports: Try your hand at canoeing, scuba diving, surfing, white water rafting, wind surfing and zap cats.  There are plenty of water sports to choose from.

For a more unusual experience, why not try:

  • knight themeCheese rolling: Not how it sounds!  This involves throwing a large cheese down a hill and then rolling after it, the winner being the first to reach the bottom.  Definitely not one for the unfit or those who bruise easily.
  • Falconry: Learn how to handle these large birds of prey and see how they hunt.
  • Human table football: Set up your five aside teams and using the poles to move from side to side, kick the foam ball into your opponent's net.
  • Luge: Similar to being in a toboggan but just one person slides down at a time.
  • Recording studio: Become pop stars for the day and record your own CD.
  • Ribbing: Very similar to white water rafting but much more thrilling as the raft has a large engine attached to it.
  • Secret agent day: Learn how to be a secret agent using gadgets provided and then put them into practice.
  • Stunt flying: Get the chance to fly in an acrobatic plane but make sure you have the stomach for it as it can get a bit queasy.
  • Zip wire: You are literally clipped onto a large zip wire where you will slide down, usually at speed and height.
  • Zorbing/Sphereing: It doesn't get any more extreme than squeezing yourself into a large inflatable ball made of clear plastic and while cushioned inside being rolled down a (usually) steep hill.

There are of course plenty of destinations for you to choose from to hold your stag weekend which as well as all the major cities within the UK can include Blackpool, Brighton, Isle of White, Newquay, Scotland and Torquay.

If you decide to go abroad there is always Amsterdam, Benidorm, Dublin, Las Vegas, Magaluf and Prague just to name a few.

The Stag Party Planning

The stag do planner has a big responsibility, not only to ensure that the groom (and the guests) have a great time but also that the groom is safe and sound the next morning, especially if the stag night is taking place the night before his wedding day.  Following are a few tips to help with the organising:

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  • detective themeBe prepared for the non-attendance of people, especially if they already know the theme planned and it is not something they would enjoy.  It might be worth deciding on a couple of themes and putting it to the majority vote?
  • Ensure that (most importantly) the groom is available on the dates suggested and that all other important guests are able to make themselves available.
  • Give plenty of notice in case costumes need to be hired out for the evening, be sure to remind everyone to get personal insurance for the outfits.  Remember that lots of little pieces for a costume can easily be lost or forgotten about as the night gets underway.
  • If a prank is involved, make sure everyone (apart from the groom obviously) is aware of it.  The last thing you need is for someone to try and stop the prank midway through because they do not realise what is going on.
  • If the party is not a surprise party for the groom, ensure that you go through a guest list together.  Make sure all guests know about the venue and date.
  • If you have a budget, make sure you stick to it.  Pick one of your friends (possibly the designated driver) to be in charge of the money.
  • If you have decided on a themed party, double check that your venue is happy with the type of clothes you and your guests will be wearing.
  • Make sure you have a camera somewhere.
  • Make sure you provide the venue with a guest list of names in case they work using a guest list policy.
  • Plan to spread out any events you have set up, you don't want all the fun to be over within the first hour and then people start to get bored.
  • Try and pick a date a couple of weeks before the big day giving everyone a chance to recover completely.
  • Try not to offend the locals of wherever the party is being held (i.e. do not plan the party in Belfast with an Orangeman theme).
  • Do plenty of research online to check out destinations and venues etc.

The Stag Party Rules

Make sure that all guests are informed and clear about:

  • Any pranks taking place on the groom should be ideally planned ahead and not done impulsively as this can lead to unsafe circumstances or a disfigurement of some kind that the bride will most definitely not appreciate (i.e. the shaving of an eyebrow).
  • Don't take things too far!
  • How much information they are allowed to give out to other people.
  • If they are allowed to bring any (male) guests.
  • No women (partners) allowed.
  • What they should be wearing (or not wearing whichever is the case).
  • What they should bring with them (particularly if everyone is bringing something specifically needed to finalise your themed party).
  • Where the party is taking place.

The main rule of course though at a stag party is: What goes on at the stag party, stays with the stag party!

The stag party is considered by most to be the groom's last night of freedom, although the bride will not normally see it that way.  Whatever theme and destination are chosen, as long as everyone is aware of the activities planned and they are safe, a good time will be had by all.

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