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Stag Party Paintballing

paintballing 1Stag nights have now extended into weekends and it's not all about seeing how many pints of larger you can get down your throat in one night or thinking its great fun to strip the groom naked and tie him to a lamp post!

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The modern day groom-to-be and his friends look for more fun and something they can remember for a long time when they spend the last night with him as a single man.

If its excitement and that rush of adrenaline your looking for, paint-balling can be just up your street.

Companies are only too happy to offer you stag packages for the whole weekend with accommodation, meals and nightclub tickets all in the price. 

Stag Party Paint balling Packages

There is no shortage of paintball parks in the UK and if you want to look further and lap up some sunshine during your stag weekend, there are many different packages on offer with flights and accommodation to Europe.

paintballing 2A typical stag paint-balling package can consist of:

  • Protective head/eye gear.
  • Protective clothing.
  • Paint marker gun.
  • Paintballs (normally 100+ with the choice of buying more).
  • Accommodation (your choice of one or two nights).
  • Breakfast, lunch and evening meal (depending on how many nights you book).
  • Tickets into nightclub, comedy show, lap dancing club or a top restaurant.
  • Costume for the stag (depending on which package you choose).
  • Costume for everybody in the stag group (depending on which package you choose).
  • Flight tickets if going abroad.

Choice of packages are very varied and far too many to mention.  You can mix and match your stag weekend by adding on other activities such as go-karting.

If you like the idea of trying your hand at paint-balling but don't want it to last the whole weekend, you can go just for the day.

Cost of Painballing Stag Weekends

paintballing 3The cost of this tactical game of skill and stealth depends on which package you choose and the location you decide to go to.  On average a day's paint-balling can be from £15 - £30 per person.  With added accommodation, meals, night club tickets or pair fares the price can be anywhere from £100 to £300 per person.

Combined stag and hen weekends can also be accommodated for and the two groups can team up to see who really is the 'best man'!  (Companies normally have offers for the stag and hen to go free on these joint packages).

Stag Paintball Games

This extreme sport is one of the fastest growing activities that any age or gender can have fun with and even thought there are many variations of this fun game the most commonly played is 'capture the flag'.

paintballing 4This is where the group is split into two teams and with skill, team work, integrity and stealth the object of the game is to capture the other team's flag and return to your own base without getting tagged.

The term 'tagging' is a direct hit by a paintball by somebody from the 'enemy' team.  If you do get tagged you are out of the game as a 'dead man'.

What better way to have a blast with your friends and at the same time to get those adrenaline juices flowing, build up some great memories and have great fun talking and laughing about it for ages afterwards

stag party