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Rock Climbing for Stags

rock climbing 1Rock climbing may not be everybody's idea for a stag party but for those adrenalin junkies and 'give it a go' daredevils, this could be right up your street (or mountain) for those wanting something out of the ordinary for your 'get away from it all' stag weekend.

You and your mates can experience an ultimate sense of achievement with guidance, supervision and encouragement from trained instructors, while at the same time developing skills you may not even know you had.  The instructors will at all times be there to help you overcome your fears, and if needed, build up your confidence to reach heights and goals you never thought possible.

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You can puff out your chest with pride when you look down at your starting point after you have used your strength and stamina scaling shear rock walls while working as a team with one or all of your stags, as step by step you carefully advance with the concentration of a hawk over every niche or crevice to reach the summit!

Nationwide Rock Climbing

rock climbing 2Rock climbing activities can be found all over the UK and most of Europe and can range from a one day course, a weekend or a whole week.  Different packages can also be found that supply accommodation, meals, local transport and coach hire.  Most, if not all of the packages will also supply climbing equipment that meets full safety standards.

Rock climbing does not just mean climbing upwards. You can experience other thrills such as abseiling, caving or orienteering, ice climbing or sports climbing:

  • Traditional Rock Climbing:  This involves two people and a rope.  Your partner will ascend to a piece of rock or ledge while placing nuts and hexes into the mountain's weak points to give added protection.  He will have the rope attached to him via a harness and the other end of the rope will be attached to yourself which you will 'feed' out through a belay device while your partner climbs up.  On reaching a certain spot, your partner will then guide and help you up.  You can nominate one person to always go first or alternate turns.
  • Bouldering - There is no rope or other protection required for this type of climbing activity as you will only be just a few feet off the ground - although safety and thought should always be at the forefront.
  • Ice Climbing is considered a risky sport because of the constant and unpredictable changes that ice undergoes.  This activity involves using ice tools while climbing vertical ice sheets which are predominately formed by frozen waterfalls.
  • Solo climbingThis is the freest form of climbing.  The climber is committed to reaching the summit without having a partner.  This can be dangerous as no ropes or protection is used by a solo climber and should only be done by the very experienced climbers.
  • Sport Climbing uses the rope technique in traditional climbing but the equipment is different.  Bolts will have already been placed in the mountain and the climb is shorter.
  • Mountaineering.  This activity uses a combination of skills and weather conditions which vary greatly from humid to cold.  The mountain climber can suddenly find themselves in steep, cold terrains and expert climbing skills will need to be used in full force during such times.
  • Indoor Climbing is safe, controlled and supervised and is becoming increasingly popular.  You can enjoy this type of climbing without having the fear of stepping onto dangerous mountains and again it is an ideal place to get yourself geared up to face the challenge of rock climbing outdoors.

From the stunning beauty of the Peak District to the breathtaking scenery of the Welsh countryside or perhaps Benidorm's mountains or down in the South West of France and the mountain ranges in the Pyrenees and Alps are just a few of the many locations where you can enjoy great rock climbing.

Getting Yourself Prepared for Rock Climbing

rock climbing 3It's not only a case of 'turn up and put on the harnesses'.  You will have to be alert at all times to the danger that comes with this type of activity, as well as having stamina and good physical strength.

The last thing you are going to want is to find yourself being left behind by all the others because you never gave enough time and thought to prepare yourself and your body for the vigorous and numerous things you will face while rock climbing.

Your muscles will be stretched to their limit and you will at times need enormous will power so the most logical option would be to take a climbing class of some sort before your stag weekend.  This can be done in your local gym or recreation centre on climbing walls or you can for a reasonable price take part in elective classes that will include a few introductory lectures from basic climbing a wall to potholing.  Some training sessions will teach you safety, altitude, health and technical skills. 

Learn all about commonly used knots (that are the first and most elemental thing to learn in rock climbing) such as the overhand knot (the figure 8) the water knot and the double fisherman's knot to name a few.  Get yourself used to putting on and taking off the climbing equipment.

The preparation for rock climbing may be just too daunting for some but it is a small price to pay for obtaining that ultimate sense of achievement and having a great experience that will surely leave you up in the clouds for days to come!

A stag party that is totally different and unique to nightclubbing which is something you can do for no particular reason except a night out with the lads!  Bet your rock climbing experience is bound to be remembered as the best ultimate stag party ever.

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