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Stag Weekend in Amsterdam

budapest king stephenHome to tulips, clogs and cheeses, Amsterdam has for many years attracted visitors not only for its beauty and canals but also for the reputation of the red light district and 'smoky' coffee bars. Many a tourist has been curious enough to go sightseeing around some of the more back street areas.

Stag parties of groups from all over Europe are custom making their own weekends with activities, fun, eating, drinking and general relaxing days where there is everything for everybody.

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For those who want to explore the city while sampling the alcoholic delights that are on offer you will be pleased to hear that getting around on foot is very easy within the compact city as well as having the added bonus of an efficient public transport system of trams, buses, cabs and water taxies for those wishing to go further afield.

Getting To Amsterdam for your Stag Party

Flights from all over the UK are in abundance and with a flight time of only one hour and the Schiphol only nine miles from Amsterdam, you can find yourself from leaving your home to booking into your hotel in less than half a day. 

Eurostar via Brussels or a coach are two other possibilities of travel or you could hire a mini bus where the whole stag party can go together.  The advantage of this is stocking up on duty free booze and cigarettes on the return journey.

Eating Out in Amsterdam

amsterdam bikesThere are cafes galore in Amsterdam with over a thousand restaurants practically on top of each other and many of high quality. 

Although there is a vast choice of restaurants it is always best to pre-book if possible.

All cafes and restaurants have a no smoking policy.

Always enquire before you order your meal that they accept credit cards as they are not that widely used in Amsterdam.

Always ask for the bill when you are ready to leave as the Dutch treat eating as a relaxing activity and waiters tend to leave you in peace to enjoy your meal.

Eating early is the normal for the Dutch and there will be a few of the restaurants that close early because of this.

Menu's from snacks to fine cuisine with dishes from French to Russian, Turkish to Italian can be found almost anywhere in the City.

When you receive your bill the tax and tips will have already been added so do not feel obliged to leave a tip.  This also applies to taxi fares.

Amsterdam Stag Activities

neod red light districtCustom made stag weekend can be found by many companies all vying to offer you the best package, or, if you prefer to be more flexible, you can make up your own schedule and go where you want, when you want. 

A small selection that is on offer either as a package or a one off is:

  • Heineken Brewery is a must to visit while in Amsterdam.
  • Make your day by competing with your mates while using a .44 Magnum.
  • Go Kart racing can be experienced in Europe's largest indoor go-karting track.
  • Gambling at the famous Holland Casino.  Dress code is smart.
  • Canal Biking is a fun way of seeing the beauty in this city (alongside the canal with your bike please... not in it!)

From paintballing to motor racing, from lap dancing to nightclubbing you will find your weekend speeding away while you enjoy the daily activities and evening entertainment on offer.

The Amsterdam Red Light District is world famous and is also home to many night clubs, cafes, bars and comedy clubs.

Private boat canal tours can be booked either during the day or to party the night away.

Accommodation in Amsterdam

holland casino amsterdamTry and book your accommodation well in advance because this very popular city attracts every type of weekend tripper and places to stay get filled very quickly.

Amsterdam is not really a place to find 'bed and breakfast' and very limited.  Accommodation is more along the lines of budget hotels offering low cost lodgings.

Remember Whilst in Amsterdam

British passports must be valid for 3 months after the date of return and a visa is not required.

Do not take pictures of the women in the red light district.

When paying with a note state what the denomination is.  There is a chance you could be cheated by them pretending you gave them a smaller amount.

Tourists can feel safe while walking around but always be aware of pick pockets.

Tap water is safe to drink.

Pancakes are a typical Dutch fare.

Day pass tickets can be purchased for the canal bus and will be valid until 12.00 the next day.  You can use this ticket to hop on and off while touring the city.

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