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Berlin Stag Weekend

beer steinBerlin, the city that was once walled in and divided into four sections has become one of the most prominent stag paradise locations worldwide, with twenty-four hours of non-stop nightlife from trendy electronic music scenes to cocktail bars, erotic clubs and cabaret shows.

Germany's capital city is the place to hold that perfect stag weekend if you're looking for such adult activities as bar and club hopping, erotic lap dancing and gambling in casino's while sampling the delights of popular German brewed beers.

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Another reason that makes this an ideal location for your stag weekend and all the more inviting is the no restrictions on the licensing hours in Berlin.  You and your stags can party into the small hours of the morning among the vast array of live entertainments and venues for as long as you can all 'keep' up.

The lively pulsating city that never sleeps with its dynamic atmosphere is safe and friendly with prices that are relatively easy on the pocket.

Berlin Stag Packages

Stag weekend packages are readily available with flights from most UK airports and by choosing somebody else to organise your travel arrangements, accommodation and meals you will only have to pack a bag and go and have fun.

One example of a stag package could be along the lines of:

  • Flights with transport to and from your hotel.
  • Guided pub, bar and club crawls with unlimited shots of vodka or schnapps.
  • Free entry to one or more of the top nightclubs.
  • Historical day tours in Soviet style cars (Trabi*).
  • Accommodation.
  • Breakfast and/or lunch.
  • Main meal at a top restaurant.

The choice of stag packages is varied and Companies will have a variety of selections so you can decide on the one best suited to you and your stags.

If after your nightclubbing experience you feel you can manage some daytime activities there are plenty of historical places you should try and see while you are in the city.

The Berlin Wall

Before the Berlin wall was opened in November 1989 there were severe regulations on who entered and left the divided city and the four sections were governed by the British, American, French and the Soviet sector which was part of the communist system in the East.

It was in August 1961 that the city was divided in two when the wall was first erected and many citizens found themselves stranded alone while some members of their family were still at home on the other side, and remained so for many years.

Places to Visitin Berlin

berliln cafeCheckpoint Charlie was opened soon after the wall was built by the US military police and although closed today the museum is worth a visit.  You can find some great and interesting information on the many escape attempts that were made by hundreds of people over the years trying to get into West Berlin.

Pictures and stories such as three couples who met every Sunday to have 'lunch' but were in fact digging a tunnel, to the failed attempt of a car that had concrete poured in-between the doors and anywhere else that was hollow to stop the flow of bullets as it dashed between the checkpoints between East and West Berlin.

From someone who has been and seen Checkpoint Charlie I can fully recommend this is one place that is well worth a visit.

The Brandenburg Gate built in 1791 to represent peace is one of the most well known landmarks in the city of Berlin, if not Europe!  Friedrich Wilhelm II commissioned the gate to be built which has stood the test of time over many years and still standing today as a great symbol of reunification of the two sides of the city.

Governments of East Berlin and West Berlin restored the Gate in a joint effort following Germany's surrender at the end of the Second World War.  Pedestrians and vehicles were permitted to travel freely up until August 1961 when the fortified wall named the 'death strip' ran West from the gate cutting off access from West Berlin and the 'baby wall' on the Eastern side cut off access to East Berliners until the walls destruction in 1989.

The Brandenburg Gate was privately refurbished in December 2000 at a cost of six million dollars and is today a cobblestoned pedestrian zone.

Stag Activities in Berlin

Trabant Trek experience is an ultimate road trip in one of Eastern Europe's iconic motors.  Cruise through Berlin's scenic countryside while trying to master the gear stick built into the dashboard.

The Trabant is an East German built car that was originally made as a motorbike.  With its steel frame and body of plasticised cotton waste any good mechanic could easily replace the 600cc engine in fifteen minutes. 

Reaching speeds of up to 50mph these colourful relics have become very popular with stag parties as well as collectors' items and being used in many films.

The Trabant looks like a cross between a bumper car and a golf cart and was once the most venerated object of desire behind the Iron Curtain.

With waiting lists between 11 to 18 years everybody wanted one of these affordable vehicles and it was probably one of the only cars that was more expensive to buy second hand than brand new.

The streets of Berlin are often treated to a 'wagon train' convoy of these now brightly painted cars with guided radio tours including stories of hidden historical facts and the culture of what was once a split city.

The Raisin Bomber Time Travel is one of those emotional adventures with state-of-the-art equipment that throws you back sixty years to the historical time of the Berlin Airlift.

Fly in the most famous aeroplane of Berlin, the Raisin Bomber built in 1944, 20 metres long, and 30 metres wide, 300 k/mph fast and lovingly restored to bright lustrous silver.

Relax in aged but comfortable leather seats while flying the original routes of the Berlin Airlift at a height of 600 metres in this 'one-of-a-kind time travel machine while sipping chilled champagne.

Dining in Berlin

german currywurstBerlin's cuisine ranges from gastronomic specialities to simple yet satisfying plain fare and some of the highly rated international restaurants serve excellent and exquisite meals representing almost every nation.

International breakfast dishes can be found in many of the cafes at almost any time of the day.  Some of the most frequently visited cafes can become very busy and tables are best reserved to save disappointment.

Currywurst (pictured) is a German national dish containing hot pork sausage that has been sliced and seasoned with curry sauce with plenty of curry powder, or a ready-made ketchup-based sauce seasoned with curry and other spices. Currywurst is often sold as take-away food, at greasy spoons, on children's menus in restaurants and is popular as a street food.

A typical Berlin dish is 'Boulette' (fried meatballs) and the 'Berliner Weiße' (beer with juice) is one of the city's well known drinks and a must to try.
You will find many restaurants, cafes and bars serving food located right in the city centre and all within walking distance.

Berlins Beer Gardens are located throughout the city as well as the sides of the river where you can enjoy your drinks under the trees, in the city centre or in the suburbs.

Titbits on Berlin

Accommodation in Berlin with over 30,000 discount hotels, villas and apartments to choose from will not be a problem and even less so if you opt for a stag weekend package.

Travelling in and around Berlin is not a problem with the extensive network system of underground lines (U-Bahn), urban railway lines (S-Bahn) as well as the buses, tramways and taxis.   Every location in the city can be reached in a safe, clean and convenient way right through until the small hours of the morning.

Tricksters can be found close to many of the sights and places of interest and many tourists are taken in by the con games of 'Find the Lady' - all of who think they can outsmart the trickster!

The Berlin Wall separating the capital of Germany for over 30 years was a symbol of the Cold War and today there are only a few sections of the wall that remain, along with some of the watch towers that were manned by armed soldiers who had no hesitation in shooting anybody trying to move the heavily mined and fenced in area aptly named 'no man's' land.

When walking down most of the streets in Berlin you can see double rows of paving stones that mark where the wall once stood separating a country and many of its families for 30 years.

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