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Rodeo Bull Stag Party

If you have always fancied yourself as a bit of a cowboy with visions of lasting the longest on the bucking horse while the crowd cheer you on, then a Rodeo Bull Stag night could be the perfect chance for you and your Stags to compete in this exciting and fun filled occasion!

A full sized Rodeo Bull can be hired in a place of your choice or you can go to one where it is already set up and ready to 'buck' the night away. Complete with real cow hide and leather saddle your own Rodeo Bull will have a built in digital timer to show who will be the best 'cowboy' of the evening. Fully trained staff will be on hand so you can rest assured they will have taken every step to ensure your evening is not only a fun filled packed experience but a perfectly safe one.

Rodeo parties have become very popular for Stag and Hen nights and they provide a great deal of entertainment for those watching as well as those taking part. You and your Stags can make the evening even more authentic by dressing as cowboys and giving your party a Wild West theme look.

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Take it in turns to try and stay on the Rodeo Bull while it spins and bucks and see who, if anybody can tame the bull, or will it tame you?

Deliveries can be made to various places in the UK where a team will set up and dismantle the Rodeo Bull. Hiring times are usually between three and four hours but for those Rodeo Bulls that are in situ the timings may be longer as they will not have the added time to dismantle.

One venue in Newcastle is Buffalo Joe's which is one of the first cowboy/girl bar that has its own bucking bronco complete with cowgirls dancing on the bar and drinking shows that are bound to keep you and your stags entertained all evening.

Remember to always check the company has its own liability insurance when you are planning your night.

Bucking Bronco

The mechanical bull that has become known as a Rodeo Bull or Bucking Bronco was built and used as a training device for rodeo competitors and to enhance rodeo performance and skills without the added risk of unpredictable bulls.

With different speeds, the mechanical bull replicates the sensations of being on the back of a wild bull or horse. Saddles have been fitted to the Rodeo Bulls used for entertainment even though they are not used in real rodeos.

The first mechanical bull introduced for entertainment was in the 1930's and was given the name of 'Ride Em Cowboy'.

The term 'Bucking Bronco' originates from a slang word that the cowboys gave to a horse that jumped about with a stiffened knees and an arched back. If cowboys (along with the thrill and excitement of the ride) are your thing this is definitely the experience you should choose for your Stag night!

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