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Stag Party Assault Course - Part I

stag party assault courseMost stag parties or trips are about a night out, drinking with the boys, but how many stags actually get to remember their stag parties? How many wake-up the next morning feeling as if they have gone ten rounds with a world heavyweight boxing champion? How many regret what they can remember and what they can't remember?

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Well, many stags are now organising their stag party to be more about adventure, having fun, 'bonding with the boys' and having an exciting experience for the stag and his bucks to enjoy and remember for years to come.

There are many different choices that a stag can make when thinking about what kind of adventure to organise for his stag party. It can be hard to decide a 'theme' to choose or activity to suit everyone, but the internet is a great source for research and sites such as our own are a perfect place to start.

Assault Courses

Assault Courses are heavily used in military training and are designed to evaluate strengths and weaknesses in an individual and his team. They also increase fitness levels and stamina, all of which are needed when crossing very rough terrain. The military also used them to help units work as a team, to think and work together, along with building self confidence for each individual.

Not all military style assault courses are the same, but they are standardised but despite their standardisation, they can be built to have different purposes. For example an assault course can be short or long and can last between one to five minutes for each circuit). The shorter course is usually classed as a warm up course (but can of course be used for the less athletic of us!) while the longer course is more of an exercise in endurance and teamwork. An assault course will usually comprise of:

  • A climbing net.
  • A high rope or net that must be crossed.
  • A six and ten foot wall.
  • Some type of bar to climb over.

Outdoor Assault Courses

Assault courses are usually set in woodland settings; they were designed for military boot camps, for recruits to build fitness, stamina, team working, problem solving and evaluation skills. They also familiarised and prepared recruits for the kind of tactical movements they would use in combat situations. Many assault courses will also incorporate obstacles such as zip wires, rope swings, over and under hurdles, stepping stones, a river or stream that needs to be crossed, without getting wet of course and much more.

Assault courses can be a test of fitness, agility, stamina, planning, and teamwork and leadership skills and are designed to test both mental and physical skills. For the competitive stag the assault course can be timed by one of the supervising instructors, turning it into a competition within your party. Or if your party is large enough you can be split into teams to compete against each other. But of course the main purpose of the day is to have as much fun as possible.

Assault courses have even been featured on some TV shows such as Britain's Next Top Model, CBBC, Battle of the Brides, Blue Peter, Chris Moyles Comic Relief and many more.

The courses available range from around thirty pounds per person up to around a hundred and twenty pounds per person for a SAS type course to include military vehicles, replica weapons, pyrotechnics with full uniforms, helmets and webbing.

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