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Stag Party - Day at the Races

Gone are the days when stag nights were restricted to a few hours down the local pub downing as many drinks before 'time gentlemen please' is called with the highlight of a kebab on the way home in the taxi.

Today Grooms-to-be are wanting their stag night to last as long as possible with memories to remember and most of all a good time to be had by himself and his friends and the unusual and out of the way parties are becoming more and more popular.

To kick off your stag party celebrations a ready made package of a day at the races may be just what you are looking for and the choice of locations all over the UK make it easy and stress free to organise such an event that is made to measure for great stag nights.

Companies will offer different packages from the start of the day with coaches to pick you up to the end of the evening where you will be given VIP passes into top nightclubs and/or restaurants and accommodation for one or two nights can sometimes be included in these packages.

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Your day of horse racing and betting can range from beer with hot dogs to champagne with gourmet dining depending on your tastes, budget and racing track location or venue. Depending on your budget you can opt to spend your day amongst the betting public audience or you could choose to hire a private box complete with bar and meals.

Ireland and the UK have the reputation of having the best race venues with France and Italy followed close by so you would not be restricted to the location of your stag party as many other countries offer various packages and venues to suit all needs.

This sport of the Kings gives a great day of gambling, sporting excellence and beautiful people and can be a fabulous day's activity for any stag party before the evening sessions of drinking and mayhem take over.

Horse and Horse Racing Facts

  • A horse called Billy made it into the Guinness Book of Records for reaching the grand old age of sixty two years of age as well as holding the record for the oldest horse.
  • A horse can produce up to nine tonnes of manure each year.
  • Arabs and American Quarter Horses are considered to be the fastest bred Thoroughbreds in the world.
  • Horses are not allowed to compete in hurdler races when they reach four years of age.
  • On average, with good care horses can live into their thirties.
  • Secret sign language used by bookmakers at racecourse is called 'tic-tac'.
  • The largest number of horses in just one race was sixty six in 1929 in the UK at the Grand National.
  • The UK has fifty nine race courses.

This type of stag party is a sure bet that you will 'back a winner' and odds are any stag and friends will remember for a long time to come.

stag party