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Stag Party in Las Vegas

las vegasFor the ultimate stag party with breathtaking casinos, mind boggling stage shows, adult entertainment and bright lights as far as the eye can see then look to Las Vegas where you and your stags can gamble, drink, eat and enjoy every second of the twenty four hour day that this incredible city has to offer.

Las Vegas, also known as the "debauchery capital of the world" and where day and night merge into one with the 'no clock rule' gives you the ultimate freedom of choosing when to drink and eat and sleeping is considered a waste of time while having fun in the well known sin city.

Party time never stops in this world of slot machines, white tigers, showgirls and obscene amounts of food in this internationally renowned major gambling resort that is also famous for fine dining and shopping with the title of being 'The Entertaining Capital of the World'.

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Las Vegas officially became a city in 1991 after being established in 1905 and is now the State of Nevada's most popular city with a population of around one million in the Las Vegas Strip with almost one and a half million in nearby Clark County.

Activities such as quad and hummer adventures with machine gun shooting across the desert are just a few of heart-stopping actions that are a sure fire way to get the adrenaline going with the added chance of the breathtaking sight of the Grand Canyon in a fly over.

Eating Out in Las Vegas

Most of the large casinos will offer a vast array of dining options from simple meals to gourmet restaurants and the ever present and famous buffets can be found almost anywhere. The cheapest time to eat is breakfast where you can find fantastic spreads that will no doubt have you and your stomach groaning. Lunch time is when you can find many half price buffets. Tipping is customary and normally around the ten to fifteen percent mark.

Drinking in Las Vegas

While gambling in the casinos you will be given free drinks but remember to not go overboard and drink too much, too fast. The last thing you want is to 'get it down' your neck in the first hour and pass out while your mates enjoy fun to the limit! Tipping the cocktail waitress is customary.

Getting Around in Las Vegas

Hotels have great entertaining shows, good food and free drinks in the hope that you will stay in one place and spend your money in their gambling tables and machines and some of the hotels are even connected by underground bridges. The humidity could make walking quite uncomfortable during the daylight hours and one of the easiest ways to get around is by taxi, these will take you from hotel to hotel in air-conditioned luxury. It is illegal for a cab to drop off or pick up passengers on the Strip.

Accommodation in Las Vegas

Sleeping accommodation can be found to suit all budgets. There are far too many to mention and bargains galore can be found on the internet or via your local travel agents. Stag packages will usually include accommodation in the price.

Nightlife in Las Vegas

rouletteLounges and clubs can be found in almost every hotel and casino and Las Vegas boasts that their strip clubs have the most exquisitely beautiful women in the world. Shows can be found in almost every building that range from world famous singers to magicians. Dress codes will vary with each club and bar but it is an unspoken rule that men do not wear jeans, tennis shoes, t-shirts and tank tops.

Well Known Facts about Las Vegas

Some things to bear in mind...

  • Do not touch any of the showgirls as you could well be given an expert kick or be manhandled by a bouncer.
  • Expect to pay up to twenty dollars for a lap dance.
  • Las Vegas has thirty seven golf courses.
  • Las Vegas was started by none other than Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel who was a feared gangster during his day.
  • The largest jackpot amount paid out in Las Vegas is thirty nine million seven hundred thousand pounds.
  • The number of hotel rooms in Las Vegas is 124,270.
  • There are over three hundred weddings per day.

Las Vegas could well be the Ultimate Stag Weekend for you and your stags!

stag party