Kate and Steves Wedding Story

Suppose it's time I told the story, so here goes...

The Day Before

Cue the arrival on Bridesmaid 1 and my best friend Craig from deepest depths of Glasgow, and time to kick out husband to be!

After hours of giggles bridesmaid 2 arrived as did the makeup lass to do our nails for the wedding. By the time we got our nails done (and mum came over to get hers done) it was after 9pm so we ordered Chinese and had loads of laughs until 2am!!

The Day's Finally Arrived!!

Disgustingly early start to the day! I eventually managed to get some sleep, but was awake at the usual 7am so went for a shower and left the 2 bridesmaids sleeping until just before 8am when the makeup lass was due to arrive. It was quite nice to chill out and watch the previous night's Grey's Anatomy with a cup of tea before the madness started.

As a wee treat the makeup lass gave us all a mini facial to settle nerves before she got us made up. Mum arrived just after with breakfast, bacon baps all round, and a bag of yum yums (ask Amy and Daz about the yum yums!!).

Amy and Daz arrived in between the hair and makeup madness, strange to think this was the first time I'd actually met them! Suddenly it started to feel real, and cue the nerves kicking in.

In the middle of getting my hair done (or more the rollers out) the doorbell went, it was the best man delivering a romantic gift from my intended.... a bottle of 'bru! :D

Once hair and makeup was all done it was time to get dressed, at that point we sent my grandad through to the kitchen with the decanter of whisky, a glass and a chair!!

Shaky Hands

It's so hard to get into a dress with shaky hands, thank god for the bridesmaids, I'd still be trying to get into my dress now!!

The cars were a little delayed in getting to us, so to steady the nerves...time for a quick scooff of the 'bru!!

Unfortunately we got caught up in traffic, hit every red light in the bloomin' city...and ended up 45 mins or so late!!

Got to the hotel, and Morgan the wee flower girl launched herself at me! Bless her she was so pleased to see her Auntie Kate, and was telling me that she was being a princess for the day. We posed for the obligatory photos before heading in to the hotel.

Granda managed to bash his hand just before we headed in to the function suite (he's got really fragile skin and bleeds easily) and panicked because his hand started to bleed.

We all assembled behind curtains whilst the Registrar came through to tell us what was about to happen etc. She headed back through the curtain and the piper turned to me and said "Ready?!" Motioned to me to wait till she'd done a fair few bars of Highland Cathedral and walk SLOWLY. The pipes skirled as she inflated the bag and up started the bridal march.

The aisle may have only been 10 or 20 paces but it felt like an eternity, don't know who was shaking worse, me or granda! When we got to the front I could see the tears in his eyes, he whispered to me that he was proud of me and gave me a kiss, shook Steve's hand and went to take his seat. I looked at Steve and we both had tears in our eyes.

Mummy, when did you get here?!

The ceremony went well, one of the funniest bits was hearing Morgan running about and announcing "Mummy, when did you get here?!".

The readers came up and said their readings for us, Steve's dad was first. The wobble in his voice was the only thing that gave him away (that and the broad Broch that snuck into his accent). My godmother was second; she desperately tried not to have eye contact with me as you could see the tears welling up in her eyes.

We got to our vows and this is where it gets funny! Steve managed to miss out a word or two in his...and when I got to the line "I will try to bring laughter to your life, and make you happy" I burst out laughing, remembering that on our first date we were watching fireworks at the beach and in a moment of insanity I mistook the flash of the lighthouse as a firework! I carried on and we made it to the exchange of rings. Steve's hand were shaking that much he struggled to get my ring on and he looked close to tears saying his declaration for the rings.

Our final reader stepped up, and I think it's fair to say I've never been more proud of my friend Craig, bless him he was inches away from tears but he stood and poured his heart into the reading for us.

The Registrar announced us as Mr & Mrs Noble and we headed over to sign the Schedule.

We posed for pictures for what seemed like an eternity.

The whole room was stunned

Then *drum roll* the Registrar asked us to stand announced it was her pleasure to introduce Mr & Mrs Butchertt! The whole room was stunned into nervous laughter, the Registrar realised what she had done and apologies and announced us as Mr & Mrs Noble! At least she did it after the actual ceremony so we were already technically married. Bless her, she was absolutely mortified and couldn't apologise enough to us! We just thought it was really funny and laughed it off, probably the best couple she could have done it with in all honesty, it just added to the chaotic air of the day!

We headed outside to the front of the hotel to see the photographer and get some pictures done, and were handed a glass of bubbly on the way by the hotel manager who wished us all the best. While the photographers were setting up we had a few minutes to look at each other and it sort of hit us - we'd done it!

As we posed for the pictures, light rain started, but it didn't dampen the day!

Once the photos were all done we tried to mingle with our guests for a short while, but it's so hard when everyone wants to speak to the bride and the groom. I managed to get mum's attention and headed off to meet her at my room to get her to help me tie up the bustle of my dress so I could walk easier in it as everyone kept standing on it. By this point my feet were killing me so I ditched the pretty shoes in favour of my flip flops..*oooooooooooooh comfy*

Scotland the Brave

We headed back downstairs in time for the receiving line to start.Amy and Daz set up in the Templar Lounge and the guests started streaming in, they all congratulated us and wished us well, the occasional guest managed to spill wine down my arm - thankfully white wine, but they passed steadily until we got to the bridesmaids and best man so we knew everyone was through, seated and waiting for us. The bridesmaids and best man headed through to the function suite and the duty manager came back for us. Julie the piper, ever the doom bringer, asked if we were ready and got the pipes ready to pipe us to the top table to Scotland the Brave.

The meal was delicious, melon to start, followed by leek and tattie soup, roast chicken with mealie and veg and then chocolate mousse. But ours was set out so pretty on the place in a heart shape with an icing rose for decoration and wee fruit basket on the side, and along the top and bottom of the plate was "Congratulations Kathryn" on mine and "Congratulations Steven" on his with the wedding date along the bottom. We were so touched by the chef doing this.

After the meal, it was time to cut the cake. As everyone came over to take some pictures, you could see the smile break on their face once they'd seen the cake topper! It seemed to go down a treat!!

Once the room started to clear, Steve and I spoke with the lingering guests before heading up to our room for a few minutes alone. The best thing about our room was that it was at the other end of the hotel and away from the guests so we didn't have to deal with anyone coming knocking at the door to see us. We just sat for 10/15 mins just taking in the whole day and chilling out.

Just before 7.30pm we headed downstairs to the function suite to see that the dj was set up and ready for us all to party Scottish style!

We just sort of swayed together

We started the dancing off with the Grand March, the best bit for me was that my brother got up and took mum onto the dance floor. Once we'd all got up and into the groove everyone got into a circle around Steve & I for the first dance to Lonestar's Amazed. All the time we'd spent practising dancing to Amazed was a waste, we just sort of swayed together in the middle of the circle until the DJ invited everyone to take their partners to join in. The night was soon in full swing with the Orcadian Strip the Willow and The Dashing White Sergeant, but thankfully all tastes were catered for with the disco, the Slosh and other classics had everyone up dancing.

Every now and again Steve & I headed out to the back car park of the hotel for a few minutes to step back and watch everyone having fun and take it all in. It has to be one of the best bits of advice I was given and I'm so glad we did, it allowed us to see the grandparents all get up for the waltz number and watch the madness of my brother in a kilt (he'd never worn one before but wore one for the wedding).

At the end of the night the DJ called Steve & I up to the dance floor for the final dance to Lonestar's Amazed, followed by Runrig's Loch Lomond.. as my father in law would say, "you canna' end a hooley wi'oot a bitty o' Runrig!"

At 12.30am the lights went up, the bar closed and the hotel staff ushered us into the residents lounge for more drinking. Thankfully most of the guests were heading off so it was time for the goodbyes; Steve & I headed upstairs to our posh suite for a cup of tea and giggle at the messages to Mr & Mrs Butchertt in our guest book!!

Best way to end the day, just as it had started, with giggles and smiles!



Photo 1 : Me and my mammy once I'd got into my dress :)

Photo 2 : A quick scooff of the 'bru!!

Photo 3 : Cars arrived.... eventually

Photo 4 : Me with my proud Granda :)

Photo 5 : Signing the register

Photo 6 : Me, Steve, Mum and Paddy

Photo 7 : Our Cake Topper