Getting Married in Prague (Czech Republic)

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Welcome to our guide to getting married in Prague (Czech Republic). Before you go into depth about the specifics for your wedding in Prague we have a couple of articles that we suggest you read first.

Prague is fast becoming a stag and hen haven for many from the UK, in main due to the low-cost flights and cheap beer, but don’t let that put you off. Prague is still rich in culture offering the bride and groom fabulous locations in which to say ‘I do’, from wonderful gothic churches and castles, to amazing boat cruises on the Vltava River.

Getting Married in Prague

Getting married in Prague can be easy provided you have all the necessary paperwork in order before hand.

Residency Stay

You should arrive in Prague 2-3 days prior to the wedding to finalise the paperwork.  Please note that the local government offices are only open Monday and Wednesday to register your legal paperwork.

What type of wedding ceremony can I have?

UK residents wishing to marry in Prague have three options available.

Civil Ceremony

Civil Ceremonies are legally binding and held in only a few select locations such as – The Old Town Hall (in Old Town Square) and the New Town Hall (in Charles Square).  There are also many Castle venues outside of Prague available for hosting your Civil Ceremony as well.  You are required by law to have as least two witnesses present.

The ceremony will be conducted in Czech. If neither the bride nor groom speaks Czech then they are legally required to have an officially authorised court interpreter present.

Religious Ceremony

Religious ceremonies - both Protestant and Catholic - are legally binding in the Czech Republic, and there is no need to first have a civil ceremony.  Religious ceremonies can be held at many of the various churches in Prague, and even in a few castle venues outside of Prague as well!

Most priests in the Czech Republic are also English Speaking, therefore your ceremony most likely can simply be held in English.

Catholic wedding

Catholic ceremonies take approximately 30mins to perform (without Holy Communion) and 1 hour with Holy Communion.

Couples wishing to have a Catholic wedding are required to have the necessary paperwork to be completed at least one month prior to the wedding day, including the pre-marital courses with your priest in your home country. You should contact your local parish priest in the UK and the priest who will be performing the wedding in Prague, in advance, for guidance.  Either the bride or groom must be catholic in order to have a Catholic wedding. Divorced persons are not permitted to re-marry in the Catholic Church.

Protestant wedding

Protestant ceremonies take approximately 30mins to perform. They can be conducted in either a church or a chateau or possibly a garden/outdoor venue, as there are ministers who will travel to the ceremony.

You should contact your local church minister in the UK, and the minister who is to perform the ceremony in Prague, to ensure you have all the necessary paperwork in order to get married.

Certificate of No Impediment

First both marrying parties must give notice of marriage to their local register office in the UK. The Notice of Marriage will be displayed for 21 days after which time provided there are no queries arising from your application you will be given a Certificate of No Impediment. The certificate will be valid for 3 months from the date of issue.

Contact the Register office (Matrika) in Prague and enquire able all the relevant documents needed to marry in Prague. 

Basic Documentation

There is a great deal of paper work that must be completed before one can marry in Prague.

  • A valid 10 year passport (certificate of citizenship).
  • Birth certificate (original or notarised copy).
  • Certificate of No Impediment.
  • An affidavits / statutory declaration confirming single status also known as a Certificate of Celibacy.
  • Decree Absolute (original or notarised copy, if applicable)
  • Death Certificate (if you are a widow or widower).
  • Change of Name Deed (required if you have changed your name).
  • Written consent from your parents or guardians (if either of you are under 18 years of age) A certificate of legal residence in the Czech Republic issued by the Czech Police, not older than seven working days (the engaged foreigner must apply for the certificate in person at the relevant office of the Aliens Police).

The Birth Certificate, Certificate of No Impediment, and Decree Absolute (if appropriate) all must be originals and must be legalised at the Legalisation Department of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London (Apostille). Once legalised the documents must then be translated into Czech by a recognised translator, and certified by a Czech Consular Officer before they will be valid for the Czech authorities.

Clearance Paper from the police

When you arrive in the Czech Republic you will need to show you are a EU citizen legally staying in the Czech Republic. This can be done by visiting the Foreigner’s Police and applying for a Police Clearance Certificate (Zádost o Vypis z Rejstríku Trestu).

You will need to bring your passport and original birth certificate accompanied by a certified Czech translation in order to be issued with the certificate. You must apply for the Clearance Certificate no more than seven days before the documents have to be handed to the 'matrika'.

Once you have all the documents you can either simply go down to the matrika or have a more lavish style wedding, the choice is yours.

Please note that many employees at the local Foreign Police are not English Speaking so having a native speaker with you will be a great benefit to you.

Marriage Certificate

Once a Civil Marriage has been preformed the spouses will be presented with a marriage certificate in the Czech language. If however you are having a Religious ceremony the relevant body of the church must contact the local Register Office within three days of your marriage having taken place with a record of the wedding. The local Register Office will then issue the marriage certificate in the Czech language.

Where you have a religious or civil ceremony on obtaining your marriage certificate, visit the British Embassy in the Czech Republic where for a fee they will be able to translate the certificate. Contact them in advance to ensure you have all the relevant documentation. Whilst you are there you can request the certificate then be forwarded by the British Consular to the General Register Office in the UK where it can be deposited.

For further information:

The Embassy of the Czech Republic
26 Kensington Palace Gardens
London, W8 4QY
Tel: 0044 207 243 1115

Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Old Admiralty Building
Tel: 0207 008 1111

Matrika for Prague 1
Vodickova 18, Prague 1
Czech Republic
Tel: 00420 221 097 469, and 00420 221 097 296

Foreign Police Department
Konevova 188/32
Prague 3
140 00
Tel: 00 420 974 820 409

Wedding Planners in Prague
+44 20 81 23 4852

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Whilst every effort to ensure that the above information is correct, it may be subject to change at any time. Please always check with the official authorities before proceeding. If you notice some outdated information please let us know.