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Welcome to our guide to getting married in Seychelles. Before you go into depth about the specifics for your wedding in Seychelles we have an article that we suggest you read first.

The Seychelles Archipelago is made up of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean. Many discerning honeymooners have been drawn to the Seychelles, enticed by its infamous reputation for being a tropical paradise, surrounded by crystal clear waters, soft sandy beaches and breathe taking nature reserves. It is relatively easy to marry in the Seychelles hence why many more couples are choosing to tie the knot here and start their honeymoon straight away.

Residency Stay

You must normally be resident in the Seychelles for at least 11 days prior to getting married. However if you apply for a Special License you only need be resident 3 days before the date of your wedding in order to complete the necessary formalities.

UK residents wishing to marry in the Seychelles can have either a Civil Ceremony or a Religious Ceremony.

Civil Ceremony

A marriage conducted as a Civil Ceremony is legally recognised under Seychelles law and therefore legally recognised under UK law. To arrange a Civil Ceremony you will need to contact the Civil Status Office at least 11 days in advance of your intended wedding date, this is to enable Banns to be read. However if you intend to apply for a Special License you only need be resident for 3 days as they are normally issued two days after the application has been made, and you will be able to marry straight away. As of December 2006, the Seychelles Tourism Board say the cost of a Special License currently stands at SCR100 (however the cost maybe subject to change).

Civil Ceremonies are conducted by a Civil Status Officer at the local Civil Status Office on either Wednesday or Thursday between the hours of 9am - 11am.

If you would like to marry in another location such as a hotel, beach, yacht or garden perhaps, it must be deemed private and be an authorised place to hold weddings. You should consult with your Civil Registrar to ensure your chosen venue is appropriate. If you are having a hotel wedding ceremony check with the hotel whether they can guarantee only one wedding per day at the resort. This will mean you don’t have to then share your special day with another wedding party.

Couples considering holding their Civil Ceremony in an alternative location other than the local Civil Status Office will be expected to pay additional fees. These fees include the cost of performing the ceremony and the travel costs for the Registrar. The travel costs will vary depending on whether you marry in the Inner Islands or Outer Islands.

Couples will incur further fees if they wish to marry after the hours of 5pm on a weekday or anytime on a Saturday or Sunday. As of December 2006, the Seychelles Tourism Board say the fee currently stands at SCR700 (however the cost maybe subject to change), which includes marrying outside the Civil Status Office.


Two witnesses are requires to be present throughout the proceedings.

Religious Ceremony

It is possible to have either an Anglican or Catholic Wedding in The Seychelles however although possible these types of religious ceremony are discouraged by Seychelles Civil Authorities. If you do wish to hold a religious ceremony you will need to submit the necessary paperwork 3 months in advance of your intended wedding date. You will need to contact either the Catholic Church or the Anglican Church in Victoria, Mahé and contact your local church for further details.

Before you can have a religious wedding you must first have had a Civil Wedding, this can either be performed in the Seychelles or back home in the UK. It would be easier and reduce the amount of red-tape you experience considerably should you choose to marry back home.

Basic Documentation

If you intend to marry in the Seychelles you will need the following documentation:

  • Original birth certificate or certified copy.
  • A copy of the first 2 pages of a valid 10-year passport.
  • If divorced a Decree of Absolute.
  • If widowed a spouses death certificate along with the previous marriage certificate.
  • A Certificate of non-impediment. The certificate can be obtained from your local register office and will be received approximately 15 days after your application. If you are unable to obtain a Certificate of non-impediment then you will need to swear and sign an affidavit in the Seychelles stating that you are both single and free to marry.
  • If you have changed your name by Deed Poll or you were adapted, proof of this needs to be presented of which must be authenticated by a notary or solicitor.  Legal proof must also be supplied by married women who have reverted back to her maiden name.
  • You must both be 18 years or older to marry. If a girl is under 18 years of age she will need written consent from your father. However if her parents are not married then written consent from her mother will be acceptable.

When you arrive in the Seychelles you should have either the originals or certified copies with you.

Marriage License

You should allow two months in order to obtain and process the necessary paperwork for you to granted a Marriage License, otherwise you should apply for a Special License. Please contact the Seychelles Civil Status Office for further details on how to obtain a Marriage License.

Marriage Certificate

You will be issued with a Marriage Certificate after the Civil Ceremony has been performed. Although your marriage in the Seychelles is legally binding you will not be able to register it back in the UK.

For further information:

Seychelles Civil Status Office

PO Box 430
Tel: 00 244 29 36 13
Email address:

Official Tourism site: Getting married in the Seychelles

Contact for Catholic Weddings

The Catholic Church
Cathedral of Immaculate Conception
Tel: 00 248 32 26 52

Contact for Anglican Weddings

The Anglican Church
St. Paul’s Cathedral Office
PO Box 44
Tel: 00 248 32 25 08



Whilst every effort to ensure that the above information is correct, it may be subject to change at any time. Please always check with the official authorities before proceeding. If you notice some outdated information please let us know.