5th Wedding Anniversary

You have now passed 4 wedding anniversaries and reached your 5th, a nice milestone to reach. On this page we give you some ideas and information about gifts that you can give to your partner on this special wedding anniversary.

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5th Wedding Anniversary - Key Information

Traditional gift : Wood

Modern gift : Silverware

Flower : Daisies

Gemstone : Turquoise

5th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

For Her – buy her a love spoon or a wood carving

For Him – send him out with is friends on a surprise day out paint balling in the woods.

For Both – take a short break to Amsterdam the home to wooden clogs. Alternatively stay in a log cabin retreat in the Cotswolds or the Lake District. Give you partner a green gift of a tree planted in a woodland.


Let us know what you gave or received for your 5th wedding anniversary!