6th Wedding Anniversary

With 5 wedding anniversaries safetly in the bag you are now looking to your 6th, in this article we give you some advice, ideas and information about the presents you can purchase for your loved one on your 6th wedding anniversary.

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6th Wedding Anniversary - Key Information

Traditional gift : Iron / Sugar

Modern gift : Wood

Flower : Calla lilies

Gemstone : Amethyst and Garnet

6th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

For Her – buy her a box of chocolates or if the budget will stretch treat her to an unforgettable chocolate tasting experience. Alternatively buy her some quality  Le Creuset cookware.

For Him – a new set of golf clubs

For Both – take a day trip to London Tower or Westminster Bridge and have dinner and have lunch overlooking the river.


Let us know what you gave or received for your 6th wedding anniversary!